March Quotes

updated 03/31/2018

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1 West 37th St  2 1818 K4148 03/05/18 SD DONE
120 Old Post Road K5476 03/30/18 SD in progress
121 Garabrant Street, Jersey City K5641 03/29/18 DF DONE
125 MEC Center B West  E 125th St C5450 03/28/18 SD DONE
128 Fifth Avenue, North & South Buildings C4021R1 03/26/18 DF DONE
144-74 Northern Blvd   3 14 18 dwgs K3360 03/29/18 SD DONE
156 Perry Street K5636   DF in progress
159-18 Northern Blvd Flushing K5386 03/21/18 SD DONE
165 Halsey Street-6th Floor Infrastructure Build-Out - Newark K4018 03/15/18 AW DONE
1911 Walnut Street-Rittenhouse Square - Philadelphia C5512 03/21/18 AW DONE
20 East 65th Street - Air Cooled Rooftop Chillers K5427 03/29/18 AW DONE
206-218 W.  95th St 11/30 dwgs K2016 03/28/18 SD DONE
21st Century Fox, floor 20, 1211 Sixth Ave E5589 04/03/18 SD DONE
22 S.West St Tower, Mt. Vernon rebid C5022 03/28/18 SD DONE
230 W 41st St 13th flr E5647 04/05/18 SD in progress
247 E 117 C5345 03/23/18 DF DONE
250 W  54th St  9th flr E5564 03/23/18 SD in progress
25th Police Precinctm 120 E. 119th St D5080 03/07/18 DF DONE
29-22 Northern Blvd K5595 03/26/18 SD DONE
29th St  (30-38  29th St) E5537 03/27/18 SD DONE
30-10 41st Ave LIC C5426 03/21/18 SD DONE
30-38  29th St   E5537 03/27/18 SD DONE
31 W. 27th St E5621 04/03/18 SD DONE
345 Adams Street-Relocation Of Agencies Offices-- Brooklyn D5367 03/30/18 AW DONE
39 New York Avenue, Jersey City C5380 03/09/18 DF in progress
4 Hecktown Road Business Park, Lower Nazareth/Bethlehem Twsp E5590 03/27/18 DF DONE
420 Lexington penthouse ac replacement, 31st floor K5315 03/10/18 SD DONE
461 Fifth Ave lobby E5563 03/22/18 SD DONE
475 Williams St. E. Orange NJ C5453 03/27/18 SD DONE
479 Valley Maplewood NJ C4945 03/28/18 SD DONE
481 Humboldt St Dennis residence C5356 03/07/18 SD DONE
50 Davids Drive, Hauppauge NY K5436 03/23/18 SD DONE
50 Nevins Street, Brooklyn C5286 03/09/18 DF DONE
520 Madison Avenue, 25th Floor E5499 03/26/18 DF DONE
540 Fulton Street, Brooklyn C5504 03/21/18 DF DONE
575 Grand St Brooklyn   mixed use bldg E5520 04/03/18 SD DONE
607 W. 47th St storage H5420 03/12/18 SD no quote
609 Fifth Ave lobby, service lobby K5594 03/28/18 SD DONE
61 Ninth add K5319 03/01/18 SD DONE
61 Ninth adder#3 K5387 03/08/18 SD DONE
610 Park Ave K5404 03/09/18 AW DONE
643-645 E. Tremont Ave Bronx C5614 03/28/18 SD DONE
65 Court Street K5447 03/13/18 AW DONE
67th St library, 328 E. 67th St. NY D5366 03/07/18 SD DONE
700 Manida St C5630 03/27/18 SD DONE
711 Lexington Ave in-line H5570 04/04/18 SD DONE
76 Eighth Ave C5549 04/05/18 SD DONE
80 Adams St/98 Front St C5228 03/15/18 SD DONE
9 East 37th St 10th flr E5477 03/24/18 SD DONE
98 Front St/80 Adams St C5227 03/15/18 SD DONE
ACTS retirement - Life Communities Granite Farms NP-Beauty Salon C5610 04/18/18 SD DONE
Aldi, Store #31, East Rutherford H5470 03/26/18 DF DONE
Aldi, Store #33, Piscataway H5380 03/15/18 DF DONE
Aldi, Store #86R, North Wales, PA H5434 03/23/18 DF DONE
Aldi, Store, #153, Livingston, NJ H5433 03/23/18 DF DONE
Alfresco Tap & Grill Restaurant, 2009 18th Street NW, Washington, DC H5422 03/14/18 DF DONE
Altaris Capital, 10 E. 53rd St 31st floor E5382 03/07/18 SD DONE
Alteration Plans for 50 Davids Drive, Hauppauge NY K5436 03/23/18 SD DONE
American Kidney Care, Middletown DE B5596 03/28/18 SD DONE
Apple Bank, 345 Seventh Ave  cellar, grnd flr mezz A5481 03/29/18 SD DONE
Appleview, 59 Unit  Multi-Family Building, River Road, North Bergen C5607 03/29/18 DF DONE
Aqua NJ, Inc. - Bunnvale Well System, Boulder Field Well No. 1 Improvements J5625 04/03/18 DF in progress
Artis Senior Living of Brick  rev C2813R1 03/21/18 DF DONE
Atlantic City Public Safety Building D5622 04/12/18 AW in progress
Atlantic Health System, Newton Medical Center  3 9 18 dwgs B5441 03/15/18 SD DONE
Atlanticare MOB-Core & Shell - Egg Harbor Twsp B5524 04/04/18 AW in progress
Atlanticare Urgent Care - Evesham B5203 03/01/18 AW DONE
Audi Millburn H5543 03/23/18 SD DONE
B. Bldg Business Brooklyn Navy Yard Bldg 127,63 Flushing Ave Brooklyn rev 3/7/18 add#2 K3534 03/14/18 SD DONE
Barclays Bldg 400 level 02 parking garage K5541 03/22/18 SD DONE
Barclays Village Bldg 100 Café - Whippany K5560 03/23/18 AW DONE
Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Riverside Square, Hackensack, NJ H5514 04/06/18 DF in progress
Barnes & Noble, Staten Island Mall H5388 03/16/18 DF DONE
Baruch College ITB Site A  HV-10 G5389 03/08/18 SD DONE
Baruch EUH G5421 03/12/18 SD DONE
Base Bldg interior alts for DCAS/DOI, 180 Maiden Lane, flrs 16 thru 19 D5593 03/27/18 SD DONE
Bay Shore Fire District HQ Bldg  195  5th Ave D5490 04/16/18 SD in progress
Berkeley Carroll School ,  762 President St., Brooklyn G5654 04/05/18 SD in progress
Berkeley Carroll School 2018, 181 Lincoln Place G5651 04/06/18 SD in progress
Best Buy NE Philadelphia H5407 03/10/18 SD DONE
Beth Israel Medical Center - Newark B5398 03/08/18 AW DONE
Beury Building-Shift Capital-3701 North Broad Street - Philadelphia K5256 03/29/18 AW DONE
BGCP NEF Kitchen, Philadelphia (Boys & Girls Club). 1709 Kinsey St. Philadelphia K5429 03/22/18 DF DONE
Birthing Center, 620 Churhman's Road, first floor fitout, Newark DE B5463 03/14/18 SD DONE
Bldg renovations for Tipico Products, Lakewood K5545 03/26/18 SD DONE
BNP Paribas, 525 Washington Blvd K5363 03/07/18 SD DONE
Boston Properties, 540 Madison Ave  15th flr E5425 03/16/18 SD DONE
Boyertown Police Building Renovation D5627 04/23/18 DF in progress
Bronxchester Home Training, Bronx NY G5468 03/23/18 SD DONE
Brooklyn Jaguar Land Rover, Neptune Avenue at Shell Road, Brooklyn H5516 04/05/18 DF in progress
Brooklyn Navy Yard STEAM Center, Bldg 77 K5495 03/20/18 SD DONE
Broomall Fire Company, New Fire Station D5578 03/26/18 DF DONE
Bunnvale Well System, Boulder Field Well No. 1 Improvenets, Aqua NJ, Inc J5625 04/03/18 DF in progress
Butz ES Nazareth Pa G5232 03/02/18 SD DONE
Caley ES G5480 03/15/18 SD DONE
Calvin Klein, 205 W 39th 16th floor H5365 03/12/18 SD DONE
Caribe Gardens, 222w Johnson Ave Brooklyn C5505 03/22/18 SD DONE
Central District Retail Phase 1, 1500-1790 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA H5215 03/05/18 DF DONE
Charless Tyrwhitt GSP H5377 03/14/18 SD DONE
Chase Bank, Union  Square A5544 03/23/18 SD DONE
Chick-fil-a, 711 Lexington Ave in-line H5570 04/04/18 SD DONE
Chilton Hospital Pump Panels B5491 03/16/18 AW DONE
Cholla 216 LLC, 216 Bpwery C5415 03/12/18 SD DONE
Circle Realty Grp, 445 Park Ave 13th flr - Elysium E5353 03/09/18 SD DONE
Citi - 388 Greenwich, 10th & 11th Floors A5340 03/05/18 DF DONE
CMX American Dream E.Rutherford H5616 04/09/18 SD in progress
Columbia Care B5487 03/19/18 DF in progress
Concentra Health Care - Lawrenceville B5317 03/05/18 AW in progress
Cooper Univ Hospital-Psychiatry Office - Voorhees B5623 04/15/18 AW in progress
Core Power dance studio H5318 03/01/18 SD DONE
Credit Suisse K5242 03/12/18 SD DONE
CSN Studio at Wells Fargo Center, 3601 South Broad Street, Philadelphia E5342 03/13/18 DF DONE
Cube Smart - North Bergen K5395 03/08/18 AW DONE
Cubesmart self storage, 2 Caton Place, Brooklyn K5509 03/26/18 SD DONE
Cushman & Wakefield, 135 W, 50th St K5419 03/09/18 SD DONE
CVS 178-02 Hillside Ave & 178th St Queens NY  #2718 H5474 03/30/18 SD DONE
Davita, Holmdel Plaza, 3001 State Route 35, Hazlet B5287 03/19/18 DF DONE
Davita-Public Ledger Building - Philadelphia K5574 03/26/18 AW DONE
Day Break Express K5500 03/19/18 DF DONE
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Comm. Admin. Bldg-Contract #T-707A - Lower Makefield Twsp, PA D5326 03/08/18 AW DONE
Delvaux, 781 Fifth Ave sales area K5289 03/12/18 SD DONE
Dennis residence, 481 Humboldt St. C5356 03/07/18 SD DONE
Dentsply Sirona, 3-30  47th Ave LIC K5412 03/20/18 SD DONE
Dept of City Wide Services, 345 Adams St C5367 03/29/18 SD DONE
Dept of Investigation Base Bldg interor alt for DCAS/DOI, 180 Maiden Lane D5593 03/27/18 SD in progress
DHL K5428 03/12/18 DF in progress
Digital Realty Trust NJR3 Level 2 NOC - Clifton K5331 03/13/18 AW DONE
Dill & Parsley restaurant, 1155 Sixth Ave H5486 03/19/18 SD DONE
Dover Twp public works facility, York County, Pa D4239 03/11/18 SD DONE
Duluth Trading, Ramsey NJ H5632 04/10/18 SD in progress
Dwell Philadelphia-2nd Street SOKO Lofts - Bldgs 1, 2 & 3 C5351 03/21/18 AW DONE
Edison Properties, 543 W. 43rd St floors 1 thru 5 H5518 03/22/18 SD DONE
Edward J. Minskoiff Equities Inc., 560 Madison, SC-2 (LL-3) exercise facility  K5547 04/02/18 SD DONE
Elysium Circle Realty Grp, 445 Park Ave 13th floor E5353 03/08/18 SD DONE
Embassy Community Center, Dobbs Ferry D5497 03/20/18 SD DONE
Equinox Hudson Yards Club H5496 03/20/18 SD DONE
Equity Office Properties, 65 E. 55th St., 27th flr E5619 03/27/18 SD DONE
Esperanza Healthcare Center - Philadelphia B5575 04/16/18 AW in progress
ESRT, OGCP, 60 E 42nd  48th flr E5539 04/02/18 SD DONE
Europa K5475 03/15/18 SD DONE
Fairfield Inn & Suites, 439 Rt 202 South, Flemington C5392 03/28/18 DF DONE
Fairview Campus new high school, Townsend DE Appowuinimink School Dist G5467 03/23/18 SD DONE
Family Dollar, Eastpointe Shopping Plaza, Atlanic Highlands H5583 03/23/18 DF DONE
Filson Seaport Square, Boston K5609 04/04/18 DF in progress
Fisher Brothers, 1345 AofA, cellar BOH K5339 03/08/18 SD DONE
Five-Family Townhouse, 118 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn C5374 03/09/18 SD DONE
Gallery Lofts,391 Palisade Ave Jersey City C5212 03/23/18 SD DONE
Garland Professional Center, Medical Office Building, Campbell Rd & Naaman Forest Blvd B5423 03/26/18 DF DONE
George Comfort & Sons, 158 W  27th  5th & 7th flrs E5534 03/22/18 SD DONE
Georgetown Vistitation Preparatory School, Berkmans Hall, Saints Connector, Washington DC C5004R1 03/05/18 DF DONE
Gerber expansion, 1370 Broadway, 8th floor K5634 04/03/18 SD in progress
Giorgio Foods,Inc  Madiencreek Twp  industrial WWTP, phase 2/3 upgrade J5462 03/23/18 SD DONE
Greens and Grains, Shrewsbury, NJ H5432 03/16/18 DF DONE
Haagen Dazs Staten Island H5565 04/03/18 SD DONE
Hackensack Meridian Health Research Lab Relocation- Nutley (Rev) B4861 03/08/18 AW DONE
Hamilton Commons, Franklin Twp rebid C4567R1 03/12/18 SD DONE
Harborside 1, 2, & 3 - Jersey City K5576 04/03/18 AW in progress
Hard Rock - Sugar Factory - Atlantic City K5511 03/22/18 AW DONE
Hawthorne Globall Aviation, MacArthur Airpot, Ronkomkoma NY K5438 03/23/18 SD DONE
Heath Village West retirement community Hackettstown NJ C5533 03/27/18 SD DONE
Hedgewood Plaza, Middletown DE H5592 03/27/18 SD DONE
Heldrich Hotel DOAS Replacement - New Brunswick C5285 03/09/18 AW DONE
Herittage Village, Galloway  Budget C5529 03/26/18 SD DONE
Holiday Inn Express, East Orange C5465 03/15/18 DF in progress
Holmdel H.S. - ESIP G5652 04/10/18 AW in progress
Home2 Suites, 350 US Highway 46, Wayne C5249 03/09/18 DF DONE
HomeSense, Shops at Riverhead H5251 03/06/18 DF DONE
HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery), East Side Outpatient Center, 1233 Second Avenue  B5281 03/06/18 DF DONE
Hutchinson Industries Office Fit-Out, Trenton, NJ E5375 03/28/18 DF DONE
Hyatt Centric - Philadelphia (2/12/2018 Dwgs) C5355 03/23/18 AW DONE
IFF Creative Center - Holmdel K5405 03/14/18 AW DONE
IFF New York restroom renovations, 521 W 57th St K5554 03/22/18 SD DONE
Illuminating Engineering Society, 120 Wall St., 17th floor K5449 03/13/18 SD DONE
IS 271 (K271), Brooklyn, 1137 Herkimer Street G5165 03/15/19 DF DONE
IS 419 - Flushing, NY G5391 04/03/18 AW in progress
Jean Georges, Pier 17 South Street Seaport,  H5542 03/23/18 SD DONE
Jefferson Health of New Jersey, PMM Renovations, 445 Hurffville Crosskeys Road B5501 03/19/18 DF DONE
JM CCT Lab Expansion - West Deptford K5584 03/29/18 AW DONE
Joe and the Juice, 1320 Third Ave H4633R1 03/14/18 DF DONE
Jones Lang Lasall (JLL), 1200 Ave of the Americas cooling tower upgrade K5219 03/02/18 SD DONE
Jos A Bank, 366 Madison Ave H5484 03/23/18 SD DONE
JP Morgan Chase-Project Sycamore - Orangeburg, NY K5316 03/08/18 AW DONE
Kate Spade, Jackson NJ H5354 03/13/18 SD DONE
Keller Williams office ren. 301 Route 17 North, Rutherford NJ E5346 03/07/18 SD DONE
Kennedy Health - Cherry Hll B5620 03/28/18 AW DONE
Kennedy Health-PMM Renovation - Washington Twsp, NJ B5349 03/19/18 AW DONE
Kenneth Olson Middle School - Tabernacle G5202 03/20/18 AW in progress
Kinder Towers Bloomfield NJ C5469 03/23/18 SD DONE
KOP K5566 03/23/18 SD DONE
KPMG 560 Lexington Ave  13th flr build-out K5628 04/04/18 SD DONE
Lakeland H.S. HVAC G5411 03/09/18 AW DONE
Landis Sewerage Authority WWTP J5093 04/06/18 AW in progress
LANTA Bus Wash Building, 1060 Lehigh St, Allentown, PA D5122 03/02/18 DF DONE
Law Tort/OCME, 260 E. 161st St, 3rd, 4th flr K5431 03/22/18 SD DONE
LNK International, 50 Davids Drive, Hauppague E5473 03/21/18 DF DONE
L'Occitane en Provence Boutique#334, 555 Fifth Ave H5600 03/30/18 SD DONE
Long Island College Hospital  (LICH), 350 Hicks St Brooklyn K5217 03/08/18 SD DONE
Long Island greenhouse K5489 03/16/18 SD DONE
Longport Firehouse & Municipal Hall D5329 03/01/18 AW DONE
Lower Township Schools-ESIP Project G5650 04/19/18 AW in progress
LuNellos Restaurant - Cedar Grove H5517 03/20/18 AW DONE
Main Street at Exton C5292 03/14/18 DF DONE
Malvern Institute - Willow Grove Behavioral Health Facility B5381 03/14/18 DF DONE
Manhattan Mini Storage, 543 W.43rd St.floors 1 thru 5 H5518 03/22/18 SD DONE
Manhattan, 91-93 Attorney St C5327 03/06/18 SD DONE
Mass Mutual, 60 Madison 12th floor, rev 3/21 dwgs K5038 03/22/18 SD DONE
Mastery Schools-McGraw Elementary School - Camden G5507 03/21/18 AW DONE
Matheny  medical & education center B5320 03/09/18 SD DONE
Maurice Hawk Elem School - West Windsor-Plainsboro G5585 04/10/18 AW in progress
Methodist Home for nursing and rehab., 4499 Manhattan College Parkway, Bronx C5416 03/11/18 SD DONE
Michael's Café, Middle River, MD K5335 03/13/18 DF DONE
Microtel Inn & Suite, Milford DE C5615 03/29/18 SD DONE
Middletown Wellness Plaza B5508 03/19/18 DF DONE
Mixed Use Bldg, 575 Grand St., Brooklyn E5520 04/03/18 SD DONE
MMP White Plains K5440   03/23/18 SD DONE
Mongo DB 1633 B'way rev  E4868R1 03/07/18 SD DONE
Montclair State University - Richardson Hall Renovation G5640 04/02/18 AW DONE
Morphe #019  Garden State Plaza, Paramus H5606 04/03/18 SD DONE
Mount Sinai Hospital Genetics, 124 W. 60th St. NYC B5492 03/27/18 SD DONE
Mountainside NJ Dialysis Ctr, E. Orange B5458 03/21/18 SD DONE
MRMS Wellness Plaza, Middletown DE B5613 03/28/18 SD DONE
MRP Realty/Deutsche Asset Mgt., 405 Park Ave 5498 03/19/18 SD DONE
MSKCC Harrison NJ B5460 03/14/18 SD DONE
Mt. Airy Casino Hotel  meeting room expansion K5362 03/16/18 SD DONE
Museo del Barrio Teatro 1 basement, 1235 Fifth Ave  D5336 03/09/18 SD DONE
Nazareth school dist, Butz ES G5232 03/02/18 SD DONE
NBC 53-01  11th St LIC E5271 03/15/18 SD DONE
NBCU Wells Fargo Center-3601 South Broad Street - Philadelphia K5403 03/15/18 AW DONE
Nemours Specialty Care Clinic Fit-Out - Cherry Hill B5201 03/07/18 AW DONE
Netcost Supermarket, 532 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn H5321 03/13/18 DF DONE
NEUE House, 110 E. 25th St 11th floor C5393 03/14/18 SD DONE
New Community Facility Bldg,716 Lincoln Place Brooklyn D5581 03/23/18 SD DONE
New Self-Storage Building. 10 Kingsland Avenue, Clifton-Nutley, NJ (Cube Smart Self-Storage) K5328 03/23/18 DF DONE
New York Power Authority-Zerega Ave - Bronx, NY J5513 03/19/18 AW DONE
Newport Leasing Gallery, 560 Washington Blvd, Jersey City H5444 03/14/18 SD DONE
Nike factory store, Empire Outlets #15, 15B Richmond Terrance, SI H5410 03/27/18 SD DONE
NJAW-South Linwood Station Well Improvements J5024 03/02/18 DF DONE
NJAW-Sunset Road WTP Garage, Lakewood D5337 03/07/18 DF DONE
Nokia, 600 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill, NJ I5297 03/05/18 DF DONE
Normandy PH & Core K5550 03/21/18 SD DONE
North Brunswick Middle School G5125 03/20/18 AW DONE
Northampton Twp police dept, Bucks County Pa D5242 03/01/18 SD DONE
Northeastern Towers Annex, A New Ten Story Senior Apartment Building, Jamaica, NY C5569 03/29/18 DF DONE
Novartis C&G Therapy - Morris Plains K5586 03/30/18 AW in progress
NY Public Library, 20 W. 53rd St corrective work D5417 03/07/18 SD DONE
NYU  LH Cardiology Center, 23-18  31st St.Queens NY B5552 03/26/18 SD DONE
Oak Street Health - Cheltenham, Philadelphia, PA B5579 03/28/18 DF DONE
Oak Street Health - Parkside, Philadelphia, PA B5580 03/28/18 DF DONE
Office Fitout, One Evertrust Plaza, Jersey City E5587 03/26/18 SD DONE
Old Bridge Township Public Schools G5522 04/09/18 DF in progress
One Bala Plaza-Core & Shell - Philadelphia K5325 03/07/18 AW DONE
Ophthalmology Clinic Renovations, 1825 Madison Ave B5644 04/10/18 DF in progress
Packer Collegiate Institute basement   2 28 dwgs G4666R1 03/12/18 SD DONE
Park Ave Synagogue  rev  F4749R1 03/20/18 SD DONE
Parkland School District projects G5385 03/22/18 SD DONE
Paulson & Co., 1133  Sixth Ave 33rd flr E5598 03/27/18 SD DONE
PCT K5332 03/02/18 SD DONE
PDI Healthcare - Woodcliff Lake B5383 03/12/18 AW DONE
Peconic Care Addiction Research, Treatment and Recovery Center, Jan Way - Calverton, NY B5649 04/06/18 DF in progress
Peloton, 119 W. 25th St., 7th flr E5618 03/27/18 SD DONE
Penn State East Halls -Phase 1c, Brumbaugh Hall Renovations G5400 03/09/18 DF DONE
Pfizer Global research, Pearl River K5277 03/08/18 SD DONE
PHA North Central, Phase III, 11th St between Norris & Diamond K5638 04/03/18 SD in progress
Philadelphia Zoo - Main Restaurant D5126 03/13/18 AW in progress
Picatinny Arsenal - Building 67 HVAC Renovations D5606 04/16/18 AW in progress
Pickering Manor, Newtown, PA C5364 03/26/18 DF DONE
Pine Belt Subaru - Lakewood H5402 03/16/18 AW DONE
Port Imperial South - Bldg 8/9 C5233 03/23/18 SD DONE
Pre-K 471 Center at 355 East 76th Street, Manhattan G5577 03/30/18 DF DONE
Proposed Hangar for Hawthorne Global Avaiation MacArthur Airport, Ronkonkoma NY K5438 03/23/18 SD DONE
Proposed interior finish for Mountainside NJ Dialysis Center, E.Orange B5458 03/21/18 SD DONE
Proposed new dev,, Caribe Gardens, 222 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn C5505 03/22/18 SD DONE
Proposed Storage Facility, 320 Paterson Plank Road, Carlstadt, NJ K5184 03/05/18 DF DONE
Prospect Expressway Pumping Station Upgrade, Contract PS-281, Brooklyn D5582 04/02/18 DF in progress
PS 036, Queens, 187-01 Foch Blvd G5358 03/12/18 DF DONE
PS 124Q, Queens, 129-15 150 Avenue G5443 03/28/18 DF DONE
PS IS 667K, 76 Dinsmore Place, Brooklyn G5472 04/05/18 DF in progress
Red Lion Plaza Shopping Center - Philadelphia H5525 04/05/18 AW DONE
Redhook Houses East and West, Restoration Associated with Sandy Recovery Program C5379 04/26/18 DF in progress
Regus, 41 Flatbush Ave H5471 03/21/18 SD DONE
Renovations and adlterations to East Goshen ES, West Chester SD G5442 03/19/18 SD DONE
Research Foundation, 230 W  41st St  13th flr E5647 04/05/18 SD in progress
Residential Development, 247 East 117th Street, C5345 03/15/18 DF DONE
Retail Building/Mavis Discount Tire, Middletown, NJ H5608 03/27/18 DF DONE
Riddle Hospital FY18 Infrstructure Upgrades - Media, PA B5572 04/02/18 AW in progress
River Valley Healthcare B5532 03/27/18 SD DONE
Rockaway Beach Hotel  1 19 18 dwgs C3338 03/06/18 SD DONE
Rosemont College-Cardinal Hall Phase II Expansion - Rosemont, PA G5347 03/16/18 AW DONE
Rowan-Mt Laurel CEP G5494 03/16/18 AW DONE
Run Gia Run, 38 Franklin Street, Tenafly, NJ K5378 03/16/18 DF DONE
Russell Property-1004 Blair Street Remodeling - Tyrone, PA K5406 03/16/18 AW DONE
Rutgers-Carpender Hall - New Brunswick G5272 03/01/18 AW DONE
Rutgers-Science Bldg Renovation G5324 04/05/18 AW in progress
RWJPE - Edison Hub, 10 Parsonage Road, Edison, NJ B5643 04/13/18 DF in progress
RWJUH Morgue Relocation - New Brunswick B5461 03/21/18 AW DONE
RWJUH Neurological ICU - New Brunswick B5452 03/21/18 AW DONE
RXR 61 Broadway, 14th flr E5540 03/23/18 SD DONE
RXR-LIU Long Island Campus  3 2 18 dwgs G4656R1 03/23/18 SD DONE
Saks Fifth Ave H5360 03/06/18 SD DONE
Sands Ford, Route 61, Pottsville, PA H5369 03/21/18 DF DONE
Sanofi whse & office, Ridgefield NJ K5482 03/23/18 SD DONE
Sapling School, Fairlawn, NJ G5401 03/09/18 DF DONE
Sawaya Partners, 888 Seventh Ave 15th flr E5483 03/23/18 SD DONE
SCA-Headquarters 65 Cntrl Admin-Brookyn Façade,(K801)  65 Court Street  G5503 03/23/18 DF DONE
Scholastic K5603 03/27/18 SD DONE
SEG, Silver Eagle Group, 21550 Beaumeade Circle, Ashburn, VA E5341 03/14/18 DF in progress
Sendero Verde East Harlem Bldg A, 50 E. 112th St C5531 03/27/18 SD DONE
Shake Shack, Empire Outlets, Staten Island H5478 03/28/18 SD DONE
Shake Shack, Wayne H5556 04/03/18 SD DONE
Shop Rite, Bensalem H5350 03/19/18 SD DONE
Shop Rite, Port Jefferson H5163 03/09/18 DF DONE
Silverstein 120 B'way,22,23,24,26,36 K5454 03/29/18 SD DONE
Silverstein, 120 Broadway flrs 22,23,24,25 26 K5454 04/03/18 SD DONE
Silverstein, 120 Broadway, 13th flr E5488 04/03/18 SD DONE
Somerset Medical Same Day Surgery - Somerville B5167 03/05/18 AW DONE
Someset County Courthouse D5642 03/29/18 AW DONE
Spaces @ Regus Center # 4592 41 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn H5471 03/21/18 SD DONE
Spring-Ford HS Royersford Pa G5241 03/01/18 SD DONE
Stafford Township Schools G5376 03/16/18 AW in progress
Starbucks Princi, 1633 Broadway @ 51st St   2 23 18 dwgs H4696 03/12/18 SD DONE
State Of NJ-55 Haddonfield Road - Cherry Hill D5250 03/02/18 AW DONE
Staten Island Univ Hospital-South Campus B5493 03/29/18 AW DONE
Stockton Heat Tracing G5515 03/18/18 AW DONE
Stokes ES  Camden NJ G5352 03/15/18 SD DONE
Studio Square K5396 03/08/18 SD DONE
SUNY Stonybrook, Westside Dining convenienrce store G5646 04/10/18 SD in progress
Superflex, 400 S. Second Street, Elizabeth, NJ E3221R1 03/13/18 DF DONE
SVA NYC 2nd floor, 205 E. 23rd St G5527 03/27/18 SD DONE
Taim, 75 Maiden Lane K5510 03/19/18 SD DONE
Take 2 K5455 03/14/18 SD DONE
Target, Flow Center T-3844, Perth Amboy, NJ H5629 04/03/18 DF in progress
Target, Phila Broad & Washington Street, Philadelphia H5295 03/15/18 DF DONE
The Africa Center, 1280 Fifth Ave D5414 03/22/18 SD DONE
The Bronx Defenders Phase II, 3160 Park Ave Bronx K5611 04/03/18 SD DONE
The Cap & Gown Club, 61 Prospect Avenue, Princeton, NJ K5344 03/22/18 DF DONE
The Howard Hughes - Port Society Club, Fulton Market Ground Floor & 3rd level (4th Fl), K5573 03/28/18 DF DONE
The Met ABC Skylights K5198 03/08/18 AW DONE
The New Cheston ES G5551 03/21/18 SD DONE
The Octagon Amenities, 888 Main St., Roosevelt Island K5333 03/13/18 SD DONE
The Promenade, 49 N. Central Avenue, Valley Stream C5330 03/01/18 DF DONE
The Roxy, Building E, Jersey City C5553 03/23/18 DF DONE
The Spiral 66 Hudson Blvd, NY C5371 03/19/18 SD DONE
The Standard @ New Brunswick C4804 rev2 03/19/18 AW DONE
The Valley Hospital - NUC MED Camera Room 5 - Ridgewood B5653 04/05/18 AW in progress
The Wheaton at Millville, Proposed Assisted Living Residence C5231 03/01/18 DF DONE
Tierpoint K5604 03/27/18 SD DONE
Tipico Products, Lakewood K5545 03/26/18 SD DONE
Toyota of Manhattan  660 12th  Ave H5591 03/29/18 SD DONE
Trianle Residential/Mixed Use Development, 43-12 Hunter Street, Queens C5602 03/27/18 DF DONE
TSX Broadway, 1568 Broadway NYC K5177 03/05/18 SD DONE
TSX Hotel fitout C5394 03/14/18 SD DONE
Turtle  Bay Music School, 345 E. 37th St. Suite 204,207 G5399 03/12/18 SD DONE
Turtle Back Zoo, Leopard Exhibit K5254 03/05/18 DF DONE
Two River Theater Company, Red Bank K5053 03/06/18 DF DONE
Tyson K5361 03/06/18 SD DONE
U.S. Coast Guard Station Eatons Neck, Repair Eatons Neck Housing D5390 03/13/18 DF DONE
UBS Utility Upgrade, 1000 Harbor Blvd Weehawkin K5567 04/05/18 SD DONE
Undercover Chocale Co. E Hanover H5413 03/20/18 SD DONE
Union Beach Mun Bldg D5210 03/14/18 SD DONE
Union County Courthouse D5230 03/06/18 AW DONE
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton F5523 03/20/18 DF DONE
United Community Corp, 31 Fulton St., 3rd, 4th floors,Newark NJ K5445 03/28/18 SD DONE
University Crossing Condenser Water Upgrades G5599 04/05/18 AW in progress
Utility Upgrade UBS 1000 Harbor Blvd  Weehawkin K5567 04/05/18 SD DONE
Vacant Space whse & ofc ren., 80 Seaview Ave Secaucus E5536 04/04/18 SD DONE
Valley Road residential, 22 Central Ave., W.Orange NJ C5528 04/06/18 SD DONE
Van Cortlandt Park branch library, 3882 Cannon Place, Bronx D5597 04/02/18 SD DONE
Vanguard West Campus Bldg 35 E5617 04/04/18 AW in progress
Vantage Point Retirement Living, Arcadia @ Limerick Pointe, Montgomery County, PA C5066 03/01/18 DF DONE
Ved Mandir expansion, E.Brunswick F5448 03/21/18 SD DONE
Verizon local law#25 life safety design, 204 Second Ave NYC I5257 03/01/18 SD DONE
Verizon, 2020 Jones Ave Wantagh NY I5588 03/23/18 SD DONE
Vineland Police Dept D5372 03/07/18 AW DONE
Virtua Health & Wellness-Infusion - Voorhees B5204 03/20/18 AW DONE
Vornado One PP, 27th flr K5548 03/21/18 SD DONE
Vornado, 1 Penn Plaza, 55th floor  heat trace sand filter installation K5639 04/03/18 SD in progress
Vornado, 888 Seventh Ave.  5th flr E5637 04/05/18 SD DONE
W Hotel - Philadelphia C5334 03/02/18 AW DONE
Washingotn Twsp HS Science Lab G5323 03/14/18 AW in progress
White Rock WTP - Frederick Co., MD J5213 03/14/18 AW DONE
Whitehall-Coplay Mid School, Lehigh County Pa G5240 03/01/18 SD DONE
Whitman's, 261 Hudson Street H5557 03/27/18 DF DONE
Whole Foods Market, Chappaqua, NY H5343 03/15/18 DF DONE
Willow Grove Park Mall Shell Prep Work H5562 03/27/18 DF DONE
Wilmington Riverfront Hyatt Place & Banquet Center,760 Justison St C5645 04/10/18 SD in progress
Winslow Township School Renovations - Atco G5370 03/21/18 AW DONE
Woodbrige Middle School G5464 04/06/18 DF in progress
Woodmont Hills @ Ramapo, clubhouse and 24 unit mutifamily bldg C5296 03/02/18 SD DONE
ZinnRealty MOB  Clinton NJ B5408 03/22/18 SD DONE
Zuma, Boston K5409 03/23/18 DF DONE