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updated 04/20/2018

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1050 River Road, Proposed 15 Unit Residential Development, Edgewater C5787 04/17/18 DF in progress
1150 AofA Hotel C5717 04/05/18 SD DONE
156 Perry Street K5636 04/12/18 DF DONE
158 West 27th Street-5th & 7th Floors - NYC K5667 04/02/18 AW DONE
212 W. 95th Street, Alternate C5743 04/09/18 DF DONE
222 E44th Street C5797 04/16/18 AW DONE
230 W. 41st St  MER E5647 04/05/18 SD DONE
2406 Hoffman St Bronx C5655 04/07/18 SD DONE
305 Fitness Central Park K5706 04/13/18 DF DONE
305 Fitness Upper East K5707 04/13/18 DF DONE
305 West 48th St C5683 04/06/18 SD DONE
306 East 61st Street E5812 04/23/18 DF in progress
362 West 125th Street (3/28/18 drawings) C2927R1 04/17/18 DF DONE
49 W. 57th St flrs 3,4 E5712R1 04/11/18 DF DONE
4934 Sunrise Highway Building Alterations, Massapequa Park, NY K5736 04/11/18 DF DONE
540 W 21st St K5836 05/21/18 SD in progress
60 Charlton Street Redevelopment C4695R1 04/17/18 DF DONE
611 West 56th Street, Residentail/Mixed Use Development C5772 04/12/18 DF DONE
700 Plaza Drive E5767 04/11/18 DF DONE
762 President St G5654 04/04/18 SD DONE
960 5th Avenue, 3rd floor C5788 04/16/18 DF DONE
Academy Learning Center - Piscataway G5769 04/19/18 AW DONE
Aldi, Store # 63, New Brunswick, NJ H5768 04/25/18 DF in progress
American Family Care, Levittown, PA B5702 04/06/18 DF DONE
Animal Medical Center, 510 East 62nd Street B5659 04/02/18 DF in progress
Ardmore Mixed-Use Apartments C5792 04/16/18 DF DONE
AT&T - Middletown I5662 04/02/18 AW DONE
Atlantic City Public Safety Building D5622 04/12/18 AW in progress
Atlanticare MOB-Core & Shell - Egg Harbor Twsp B5524 04/04/18 AW DONE
Aurolife Pharma - Dayton (rev) K3796 04/05/18 AW DONE
Avolon, 640 Fifth Ave  19 K5829 04/24/18 SD in progress
Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Riverside Square, Hackensack H5514 04/06/18 DF DONE
Bay Shore first disctrict HQ D5490 04/06/18 SD DONE
Bayer Heakthcare Visitor Center B2799 04/18/18 AW DONE
Bedstuy YMCA 135 Monroe St cellar first K5826 04/24/18 SD in progress
Beeler Elem. School - Marlton G5672 04/03/18 AW DONE
BelovED Community Charter School, Middle School, Jersey City  G5695 04/06/18 DF DONE
Bergen County Technical School, Landscaping Building, Paramus G5778 04/20/18 DF DONE
Berkeley Carroll School, 181 Lincoln Place G5651 04/03/18 SD DONE
Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex D4979 04/10/18 AW DONE
Bordentown Medical Office Building B5725 04/23/18 DF DONE
Bottle King, Princeton H5719 04/25/18 SD in progress
Bound Brook Self-Storage, Meridia Capodagli Property H4625R1 04/20/18 DF DONE
Boyertown Police Building Renovation D5627 04/23/18 DF DONE
Brandywine School District maint & facilities bldg G5680 04/18/18 SD DONE
Bristol Meyers-Squibb - Lawrenceville K4949 04/12/18 AW DONE
Bronx Defenders Expansion Ii K5759 04/10/18 DF DONE
Brooklyn Jaguar Land Rover, Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn H5516 04/05/18 DF DONE
Brooklyn Navy Yard Bldg 77 rev K5495 04/30/18 SD in progress
Brunswick School, Hudson Exchange West, Jersey City G5794 04/24/18 DF DONE
Bunnvale Well System, Boulder Field Well No. 1 Improvements, Aqua NJ, Inc. J5625 04/03/18 DF in progress
Burlington (2018 Prototype - 40K), Hazlet, NJ H5820 05/03/18 DF in progress
Canada Goose, Short Hills Mall H5834 04/30/18 SD in progress
Carteret Performing Arts Center D5758 04/23/18 AW in progress
CASCO, 540 W 21st St K5837 05/21/18 SD in progress
Catherine Sheridan Residences, 31-41 23rd Street, Queens C5835 04/20/18 DF DONE
CBS Sports Room & Kitchen,530 W 57th St K5723 04/10/18 SD DONE
CCIA Food Commercializtion Center - Bridgeton D5735 05/09/18 AW in progress
Cerebral Palsy Association of New York State. E5782 04/18/18 DF DONE
Cherry Street Pier, Municipal Pier 9, Philadelphia K3032R1 04/20/18 DF DONE
CMX American Dream E.Rutherford H5616 04/09/18 SD DONE
Coffee Company, 450  PAS H5731 04/06/18 SD DONE
Cooper Univ Hospital-Psychiatry Office - Voorhees B5623 04/15/18 AW in progress
County College Of Morris-Photography Suite - Randolph G5670 04/03/18 AW DONE
Crocs, Empire Outlets, Staten Island H5742 04/09/18 DF DONE
CTDI (Communication,Test & Design, Inc.), Coatsville, PA E5661 04/09/18 DF DONE
Dana Distributors-Beverage Distribution Center - Goshen, NY K5749 04/18/18 AW DONE
Davita, Newark Dialysis, 262 Broad St, Newark, NJ B5780 04/18/18 DF  DONE
DCAS 180 MaidenLane D5593 04/04/18 SD DONE
Delaware State University, Housing and Dining, Bldg #56, Dover, DE G5718 04/09/18 DF DONE
Dept of Investigation, NYC DCAS, 180 Maiden Lane D5593 04/04/18 SD DONE
DKNY Empire Outlets, Richmond Terrace Staten Island H5741 04/06/18 SD DONE
DPW Maintenance Facility - Mantua Twsp. D5774 04/25/18 AW in progress
Dr Kavner office medical suite, 254 E 68th St 2nd flr` B5666 04/03/18 SD DONE
DRT Office Space-1115 Centennial Ave - Piscataway E5764 04/11/18 AW DONE
Duluth Trading, Ramsey H5632 04/03/18 SD DONE
East Stroudsburg University, Shawnee Hall Life Cycle Renovations G5771 04/27/18 DF in progress
Entertainment Village Hotel - Thompson, NY C5684 04/03/18 AW DONE
Esperanza Healthcare Center - Philadelphia B5575 04/16/18 AW DONE
Everbrook Academy, 209 Glen Head Road, Glen Head NY G5665 04/03/18 SD DONE
Exxon Research - Annandale K5813 04/19/18 AW DONE
Facilities Department relocation Brandywine School District, Clayton DE G5680 04/19/18 SD DONE
Family Dollar, Wilmington DE H5664 04/10/18 SD DONE
Filson Seaport Square, Boston K5609 04/04/18 DF DONE
Five Below - Bakers Center at Philadelphia H5747 04/20/18 DF DONE
Gallant duct heater K5827 04/20/18 SD in progress
Gap, Cherry Hill H5796 04/24/18 DF DONE
Garwood, Borough of Garwood, Union County, NJ C5762 04/11/18 DF DONE
Gerber, 1370 B'way, 8th flr K5634 04/03/18 SD DONE
Google  111 Eighth Ave 3rd flr K5659 04/07/18 SD DONE
Goshen High School G5750 04/25/18 AW in progress
Gravel Hill Road Water Storage Tank - Freehold D5744 04/09/18 AW DONE
Greens @ Half Hollow Hills K5656 04/07/18 SD DONE
Harbor Freight, Potsdam NY H5692 04/04/18 SD DONE
Harborside 1, 2, & 3 - Jersey City K5576 04/03/18 AW DONE
Holmdel H.S. - ESIP G5652 04/10/18 AW DONE
Home 2 Suites, Glen Mills, Pa. C5833 05/02/18 SD in progress
HomeSense, Langhorne, PA H5790 04/18/18 DF DONE
Hotel 1150 AofA C5657 04/13/18 SD DONE
Huntington Square 12 AMC, East Northport, NY H5754 05/02/18 DF in progress
Hyatt Place, Wilmington Waterfront C5645 04/06/18 SD DONE
IFF Creative Center - Holmdel (rev per Add #2) K5405 04/05/18 AW DONE
Image 5356 K5691 04/04/18 SD DONE
Indigo - Short Hills Mall H5668 04/12/18 AW DONE
Inspira Hospital Cooling Tower B5806 04/16/18 AW DONE
Interpretive Center ren, Liberty State Park D5715 04/05/18 SD DONE
IS419 - Flushing, NY G5391 04/03/18 AW DONE
Janssen Pharmaceutical-TEIGEN CAR-T - Raritan K5711 04/05/18 AW DONE
Japan Society, 333 E  47th St K57210 04/10/18 SD DONE
Joe The Juice, 107 Grand St cellar, ground floor H5832 04/24/18 SD in progress
JP Morgan Chase, Phase 2B, 545 Washington Blvd, Jersey City A5775 04/12/18 DF DONE
Just Like Home, Proposed Adult Day Center w/Tenant Space, South Amboy C5660 04/06/18 DF DONE
Kean University school of business and public management G5831 05/16/18 SD in progress
Lackawana Station , Bloomfield  C5825 04/20/18 DF DONE
Landis Sewerage Authority WWTP J5093 04/26/18 AW DONE
Landscaping Building at Bergen County Technical School, Paramus G5778 04/21/18 DF in progress
Lehigh University - Chandler Ullman Hall G5815 04/19/18 AW DONE
Lonza - 2018 Expansion/Collection, 412 Mount Kemble Ave, Morristown, NJ  E5726 04/09/18 DF DONE
Lonza - Lab Consoliation Project E5748 04/12/18 DF REF 
Lonza Labs - Morristown K5807 04/24/18 AW in progress
Lower Township Schools-ESIP Project G5650 04/19/18 AW DONE
Lyndhurst High School G5770 04/19/18 DF DONE
Mack-Cali Realty Corp. Red Bank River Centre Bldg 5, Middletown,NJ E5793 04/17/18 DF DONE
Macy's, Woodbridge H5816 04/19/18 DF DONE
Madeline's Restaurant, Fogelsville, PA H3549R1 04/11/18 DF DONE
Marsh Elem School - Absecon G5734 04/20/18 AW DONE
Marshall's, Paramus H4263R1 04/17/18 DF DONE
Maurice Hawk Elem School - West Windsor-Plainsboro G5585 04/10/18 AW DONE
Mercer Co. College ES Building - West Windsor G5809 05/03/18 AW in progress
Meridia at Downtown Bound Brook C5677 04/04/18 DF DONE
Metro, No. Plainfield K5716 04/05/18 SD DONE
Metropolitan Avenue, 650 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn C5681 04/04/18 DF DONE
Milburn Aquatic Center, (Swim Quest), 25 Taylor Street K5686 04/19/18 DF in progress
Montclair Kimberley Academy, Primary School Cafetorium G5818 05/04/18 DF in progress
Montclair State University - Richardson Hall Renovation G5640 04/02/18 AW DONE
MPTCS Clinton Ave School, 534 Clinton Ave Newark G5710 04/05/18 SD DONE
Natirar Villas, Abby Road, Gladstone, NJ C5761 04/18/18 DF DONE
New Retail-174 Passaic Street - Garfield H5746 01/04/00 AW DONE
New York Power Authority-Zerega Ave - Bronx, NY (revised) J5513 03/19/18 AW DONE
Newark Airport Taxi Dispatcher's Booth D5781 05/03/18 AW in progress
Newton Medical Center-Pharmacy Relocation B5791 04/16/18 AW DONE
Noon Mediteranean Grill, 275 Madison H5722 04/11/18 SD DONE
NYU Langone Medical Center, 902 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY B5811 04/27/18 DF in progress
Ocean Co. College Performing-Arts Academy - Toms River G5700 05/01/18 AW in progress
Ocean Co. Vocational School BOE Adm. Offices - Toms River G5675 04/18/18 AW DONE
Old Bridge Township Public Schools G5522 04/09/18 DF DONE
Old Navy, Empire Outlets, Staten Island H5804 04/25/18 DF in progress
Ophthalmologhy Clinic Renovations, 1825 Madison Avenue B5644 04/10/18 DF in progress
P.S. 144 G5786 04/13/18 AW DONE
P.S. 660K G5671 04/03/18 AW DONE
PECO - Doylestown Service Station J5824 04/19/18 AW DONE
Peconic Care Addiction Research, Treatment and Recovery Center, Jan Way - Calverton, NY B5649 04/06/18 DF in progress
Penn Medicine Pavillion PL-2 - Philadelphia B5756 04/25/18 AW in progress
Penn Medicine-Fern Hill PET-CT Renovation - West Chester, PA B5766 04/12/18 AW DONE
Petco, "Nexus Tier B", Union, NJ H5821 04/23/18 DF in progress
PHA North Central Phase III (Rev) C5638 04/03/18 AW DONE
Picatinny Arsenal - Building 67 HVAC Renovations D5606 04/16/18 AW DONE
Pickering Manor, Newtown, PA C5364R1 04/25/18 DF in progress
Planet Fitness, Green Lawn Plaza, 777 Pulaski Road, Greenlawn, NY K5669 04/09/18 DF DONE
Primark Kings Plaza H5701 04/04/18 SD DONE
Primary, 26 Broadway, 3rd flr K5658 04/03/18 SD DONE
Prospect Expressway Pumping Station Upgrade, Contract PS-281, Brooklyn D5582 04/02/18 DF DONE
PS 162, Queens, 201-02 53rd Avenue G5714 04/17/18 DF DONE
PS IS 667K, 76 Dinsmore Place, Brooklyn G5472 04/05/18 DF DONE
PWJPE - Edison Hub, 10 Parsonage Road, Edison, NJ B5643 04/13/18 DF in progress
Red Lion Plaza Shopping Center - Philadelphia H5525 04/05/18 AW DONE
Redhook Houses East & West, Restoration Associated w/Sandy Recovery, Red Hook, Brooklyn C5379 04/26/18 DF in progress
Riddle Hospital FY18 Infrstructure Upgrades - Media, PA B5572 04/02/18 AW DONE
Riverwalk 8, 460 Main St NY H5724 04/06/18 SD DONE
Rockrose Development, 300 Park Avenue South, Basement & 8th Floor K5760 04/13/18 DF DONE
Rudin Office, 254 E 68 Ste 1 (Dr. Kavner) B5666 04/10/18 SD DONE
Rutgers-Day School Entry UBHCC G5803 05/03/18 AW in progress
Rutgers-Labor Education Center Upgrades G5704 04/13/18 AW DONE
Rutgers-Science Bldg Renovation G5324 04/05/18 AW DONE
RWJ Barnabas - Pinnacle Building Cardiology Clinic, 274 State Route 35, Eatontown, NJ B5755 04/17/18 DF DONE
RWJPE - 1206 US Highway 22, Bridgewater, NJ B5752 04/24/18 DF in progress
RWJPE - Edison Hub, 10 Parsonage Road, Edison, NJ B5751 04/13/18 DF DONE
RXR, 61 Broadway, 18th Floor E5819 04/19/18 DF DONE
Sanofi Warehouse & Office - Ridgefield K5745 04/12/18 AW DONE
Seritage Growth Properties, 4000 Jericho Turnpike, E. Northport, NY H5753 05/02/18 DF in progress
Shop Rite, New Milford H5795 05/03/18 DF in progress
Shore Toyota H5830 04/30/18 SD in progress
Somers Point Schools G5663 04/18/18 AW DONE
South Beach Psychiatric Center-Energy Performance Contract B5783 05/11/18 AW in progress
Spaces, Center 4085, Staten Island Ferry, 5 Bay Street, 2nd floor, Suite 200 E5776 04/12/18 DF DONE
Springfield Hospital - New Medical/Surgical Patient Unit and Outpatient Imaging B5763 04/11/18 DF DONE
St. Joseph's University Medical Center, New Children's Center B5708 04/05/18 DF DONE
St. Luke's Hospital Cardiovascular Renovation -Phillipsburg B5808 04/23/18 AW in progress
Starlight Park Comfort Station D5709 04/05/18 DF DONE
Stop & Shop, Newington, CT H5817 04/19/18 DF DONE
Sunlight, 321 W. 44th St 2nd flr E5740 04/17/18 DF DONE
SUNY Purchase College - Café Addition and Renovation G5697 04/16/18 DF DONE
SUNY Stonybrook G5646 04/06/18 SD DONE
Swim Quest (Milburn Aquatic Center), 25 Taylor Street K5686 04/19/18 DF DONE
Target, Flow Center T-3844, Perth Amboy H5629 04/03/18 DF DONE
Temple University - Morgan Hall-Food Court G5822 04/19/18 AW DONE
The Hackey School Faculty House Double Building G5840 04/23/18 DF in progress
The Hub K5727 04/06/18 AW DONE
The Residences at Corporate Park Drive, 103 Corporate Park Dr, Harrison West Chester, NY C5674 04/09/18 DF DONE
The Shops at Riverside, Saks Redevelopment (Phase 1) Concourse Extension, Hackensack, NJ H5802 04/17/18 DF DONE
The Spence School, 412 Building, 412 East 90th Street (construction doc-add #1) G3724R2 04/04/18 DF DONE
The Valley Hospital - NUC MED Camera Room 5 - Ridgewood B5653 04/05/18 AW DONE
Thomas McGovern JC K5810 04/23/18 DF DONE
Tishman Speyer, 10 Rock Plaza  9th  E5828 04/26/18 SD in progress
Trenton H.S. G5777 04/12/18 AW DONE
TSX Hotel interior  1185 Broadway rev C5394 04/06/18 SD DONE
UAE-Mission to the UN (heat tracing) D5798 04/16/18 DF DONE
Ulta, 133-05 20th Ave College Point H5836 05/02/18 SD in progress
Union Co. Jury Room - Elizabeth D5737 04/06/18 AW DONE
University Crossings Condenser Water Upgrades G5599 04/05/18 AW DONE
Urban Health Plan Development, 1095 Southern Blvd, Bronx  B3531 04/30/18 SD in progress
Vanbarton Grp, 45 W. 45th St  17th flr E5728 04/06/18 SD DONE
Vanguard West Campus Bldg 35 E5617 04/04/18 AW DONE
Verizon life safety, 370 E 150th St I5720 04/06/18 SD DONE
Vornado AC replacement turnkey, 49 W.57th  St flrs 3,4 E5712 04/10/18 SD DONE
Vornado, One Penn Plaza 55th flr K5678 04/03/18 SD DONE
Wagamama, 603  Third Ave  H5733 04/13/18 SD in progress
Webb Institute, New Academic Building, Glen Cove, NY G5801 04/24/18 DF in progress
Wells Fargo, New Milford A5705 04/23/18 DF DONE
Westfield H.S. Steam Boiler Replacement G5673 04/17/18 AW DONE
Willow Grove Park Mall, New Movie Theater H5789 04/16/16/ DF DONE
Wilmington Riverfront Hyatt C5645 04/06/18 SD DONE
Woodbridge Middle School G5464 04/06/18 DF DONE
Woodbury Armory Boiler Replaement - Woodbury D5785 06/12/18 AW in progress
Woodspring Suites Signature, Plymouth Meeting, PA C5773 04/12/13 DF DONE
Yale Club Gym G5694 04/10/18 SD DONE
Zar Group, 1450 Broadway, 25th Floor E5823 04/19/18 DF DONE