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updated 06/01/2018

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1 Evertrust Plaza  5/1 dwgs E5587 05/04/18 SD DONE
110 North 1st, Brooklyn  C6245 06/07/18 DF in progress
113 N. 6th St Brooklyn K6026 05/09/18 SD DONE
119 Seventh Ave cooling tower upgrade. E6183 06/02/18 SD DONE
120 Broadway, 5 18 100% CD E5051 05/30/18 SD DONE
123 Williams St/Eastend-DYCD, 17th & 18th flrs K6063 05/08/18 SD DONE
13-17 Laight St (15 Laight St.) C6187 06/06/18 SD in progress
1400 Broadway, Suite 104 E6069 05/08/18 SD DONE
144-74  Northern Blvd  4/11 50%CD K3360 05/09/18 SD DONE
144-74 Northern Blvd  4 11 18 dwgs K3360 05/07/18 SD DONE
1500 Teaneck Rd rebid (Verizon bldg) K5090 05/10/18 SD DONE
1516 Park Ave, Mixed Use Development, Manhattan C6047 05/11/18 DF DONE
1590 Madison Ave retail store front H6205 05/22/18 SD DONE
1700 Broadway K6208 05/25/18 SD DONE
176 West State Street (NJEA), Trenton, NJ D5998 05/07/18 DF DONE
18 West 116th St C6062 05/17/18 SD DONE
1st floor K6207 06/22/18 SD DONE
200 Amsterdam K6074 05/10/18 SD DONE
200 Connell-Floors 1-2 K5878 05/14/18 AW DONE
24 West 25th Street, 7th Floor, Brickman Asociates K6085 05/18/18 DF DONE
2401 Third Ave, Bronx, NY C6285 06/11/18 DF in progress
249 E. 117th St res development C6003 05/07/18 SD DONE
249 W. 14th Street C5950 05/14/18 DF DONE
250 N. Henry Street, Brooklyn K5606 05/02/18 DF DONE
251 Essex Street, Milburn, NJ K6166 05/22/18 DF DONE
280 Bond St., Brooklyn C6082 05/14/18 SD DONE
29-42 Northern Blvd, Food Court, LIC, NY K6105 05/10/18 DF DONE
302 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY C6035 05/08/18 DF DONE
305 Broadway C5855 05/03/18 SD DONE
305 Fitness Central Park,205 W. 58th St H6141 05/15/18 SD DONE
315 Hudson Street-Jack Reznick & Sons - NYC K6286 06/06/18 AW in progress
32 Howard  St., cellar to 8th flr C6262 06/04/18 SD in progress
331 Pine St Jersey City C6247 05/31/18 SD in progress
342 W. 46th St budget K5607 05/07/18 SD DONE
346 Kinderkamack Road, Proposed Renovation, Westwood, NJ K6204 05/29/18 DF DONE
365 Rte 59, Armont NY C5998 05/07/18 SD DONE
368 Ninth Ave flr 5,6,9 E6194 05/22/18 SD DONE
37 W 65th St  5th flr K6193 05/22/18 SD DONE
399 Sands St., Brooklyn C5608 05/09/18 SD DONE
408 W 15th  St K6277 05/30/18 SD DONE
456 Greenwich St (Tribeca Hotel) for April C5867 05/09/18 SD DONE
48-18 Van Dam Property Holding LLC. LIC, NY K6195 05/25/18 DF DONE
50 Nevins Street, Brooklyn  C6267 06/08/18 DF in progress
50 Trinity Place Hotel C6185 05/25/18 SD DONE
500 E. 14th St K6015 05/03/18 SD DONE
540 W 21st St K5837 05/21/18 SD DONE
601 W. 29th St design dev C6218 06/11/18 SD in progress
607 W 47th St self storage H6019 05/04/18 SD DONE
615 10th Avenue C6055 05/17/18 DF DONE
622-628 W 153rd St C5772 05/09/18 SD noj
625 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn C2767R3 05/24/18 DF DONE
658 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn C6237 05/24/18 DF DONE
7 Platt St NYC C6031 05/29/18 SD in progress
710 Third Ave NYC E6022 05/25/18 SD DONE
7-9 East 30th Street C5997 05/11/18 DF DONE
799 Broadway E6115 05/18/18 SD DONE
829 Father Capadanno Blvd, Staten Island NY G6275 06/04/18 SD in progress
95 Evergreen Ave base bldg E6128 05/24/18 SD DONE
95 Evergreen Ave tenant work E6129 05/24/18 SD DONE
95th Street Bathroom Renovations - Stone Harbor D6030 05/25/18 AW DONE
AC Hotel New York LaGuardia Airport C6134 05/17/18 DF DONE
Aldi, Philipsburg H6160 05/16/18 DF DONE
All American Living at Coram, Coram, Town of Brookhaven, NY C6038 05/17/18 DF DONE
Allbirds, 73 Spring St H6077 05/09/18 SD DONE
Allentown NJ WTP J6215 05/23/18 SD DONE
AMC Theater E. Northport H5754 05/02/18 DF DONE
American Muscial and dramatic academy, 211 W.61st St. flrs,1,3,4 G6222 05/30/18 SD DONE
Arkhouse (aka Butler Office) C5974 05/08/18 SD DONE
Artisan Partners, 745 Fifth Ave 20th flr E6008 05/08/18 SD DONE
Atlantic Co. Meadowview Nursing Home Chillers Replacement - Northfield B5893 05/24/18 AW DONE
Atlanticcare - Tuckerton B6270 06/15/18 AW in progress
Atrium Senior Living of Livingston, Moorestown, NJ C6162 05/28/18 DF DONE
Bala Cynwyd Apartments C6012 05/21/18 AW in progress
Baltusrol Golf Club, Proposed Fitness Center, Springfield, NJ K5932 05/08/18 DF DONE
Banana Republic,  Empire Outlets,Staten Island H6227 05/30/18 SD DONE
Bank of America, Long Beach Blvd, Ship Bottom, NJ A6192 05/22/18 DF DONE
Barrymore Film Center and Museum, Fort Lee K5977 05/07/18 SD DONE
Base bldg and tenant, 95 Evergeen Ave E6128/29 05/24/18 SD DONE
Beans Subaru, 854 N. Easton Road, Doylestown, PA H6139 05/24/18 DF DONE
Bellvue Mens Shelter 400-430 30th Street- NYC D6011 05/04/18 AW DONE
Birkenstock,120 Spring St H6148 05/16/18 SD DONE
Black Car Fund, 11-02 37th Ave LIC H6173 05/17/18 SD DONE
Blue Hen Corporate Center, Dover, DE E6197 05/23/18 DF DONE
BluePearl Vet Hospital,400 W. 55th St NYC B6283 05/31/18 SD in progress
Boston Properties, 599 Lexington  25th flr E6126 05/15/18 SD DONE
Boston Properties,599 Lexington, 2nd flr E6079 05/10/18 SD DONE
Boston Properties,767 Fifth Ave K6066 05/08/18 SD DONE
Bristol Glen assisted living, Newton NJ C6048 05/11/18 DF in progress
Bristol-Meyers Squibb CUB Expansion - Lawrenceville K6210 06/01/18 AW DONE
Bristol-Meyers Squibb LVL East Parking Deck - Lawrenceville K5604 05/02/18 AW DONE
Bristol-Meyers Squibb Module M & N - Lawrenceville (Rev per Add #4) K5892 05/15/18 AW DONE
Brooklyn Navy Yard STEAM  bldg 4 30 dwgs K5495R2 05/14/18 SD DONE
Bryn Mawr Trust-1230 Walnut Street - Philadelphia A6112 05/17/18 AW DONE
Bucks County Administation Bldg Renovation Phase 2B & 3, Fl 1-7, Doylestown, PA D6073 05/21/18 DF DONE
Burlington, 2018 Prototype - 40K, Hazlet h5820 05/03/18 DF DONE
Butler Office, 256 Butler St Brooklyn C5974 05/08/18 SD DONE
Cabrini University,Radnor, Pa  res hall & parking structure. G6106 05/29/18 SD DONE
Café Gabi, 322 North Broad Street, Philadelphia H6009 05/10/18 DF DONE
Cambria Hotel & Suites - Morristown C5605 TBD AW in progress
Capital One, 11 West 19th St., 5th & 6th flrs A6002 05/04/18 SD DONE
Capital Seniors Housing, New City, NY C6083 05/10/18 DF DONE
Capital Station # 1  Dover DE H6224 06/07/18 SD DONE
Capital Station #2   Dover DE H6225 06/07/18 SD DONE
CBS 1697 Broadway air handler replacement E6086 05/16/18 SD DONE
CCIA Food Commercializtion Center - Bridgeton D5735 05/09/18 AW DONE
Central Terminal Bldg, new terminal B CTW, LaGuardia Airport D6272 06/14/18 SD in progress
Chanel, 120 Wooster St 2nd flr H6287 06/04/18 SD in progress
Chase Plaza, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY A6059 05/17/18 DF DONE
Chick-Fil-A, 1991 Broadhollow Rd &33 Gazza Blvd., Farmingdale NY typ H6094 05/29/18 SD DONE
Cinemark Wayne XD 12, Wayne, NJ H6020 05/15/18 DF DONE
Cinemark XD12 Salem, New Hampshire H6250 06/05/18 DF in progress
Cira Beer Hall - Philadelphia K6189 05/23/18 AW DONE
Citigroup-2nd Floor - Rutherford K6268 06/05/18 AW in progress
Citigroup-CATE Labs Relocation - Rutherford K6039 05/09/18 AW DONE
Colliers,    425 E 61st St coolig tower upgrade E6036 05/13/18 SD DONE
COMET - Teneant Improvements - Newark, DE K6111 06/01/18 AW in progress
Convene, 1 Liberty Plaza, Level 1 E6156 05/16/18 SD DONE
Convene, 396 Madison,7th floor E6078 05/10/18 SD DONE
Cornell ILR, 570 Lexington Ave 12th flr G6146 05/16/18 SD DONE
Cottage Place Gardens redev  phase IV  Warburton Ave Yonkers C6033 05/23/18 SD DONE
CP Mt. Ephraim, Phase 2 - Renovations, Uncommon Schools, Camden, NJ G5880 05/09/18 DF DONE
CUNY Aquatics Lab - Brooklyn G6081 05/09/18 AW DONE
CVS, 2833 Broadway H6182 06/01/18 SD in progress
Dana Bldg, 510 E.73rd St, first floor, research dept offices E6093 05/18/18 SD DONE
Davita - East Patchogue, 479 E Main St B6157 05/18/18 SD DONE
Digital Realty Trust NJR3 Level 2 NOC - Clifton K5331 05/14/18 AW DONE
Dollar Tree/Laundromat LL Work, 2400 Governor Prinze Blvd, Wilmington DE H6179 05/31/18 SD DONE
Doylestown UMC Master Plan, Doylestown, PA F6229 06/06/18 DF in progress
Drew University - Halloway Hall - Madison G6165 05/16/18 AW DONE
E.J. Minskoff,590 Madison Ave LL3  4 25 18 dwgs K5547 05/09/18 SD DONE
East 78th Street & Lexington Avenue C5842 05/04/18 DF DONE
East Stroudsburg University, Fine Arts & Recreation Center, Independent Boilers G6041 06/04/18 DF in progress
Ebenezer Haitienne Baptist Church of Westbury NY G6181 05/23/18 SD DONE
Ed Sullivan Theater AHU replacement, 1697 B'way AHU-7,8 heat trace. E6086 05/17/18 SD DONE
Emblem Health  Medical Office, 932 Southern Blvd, South Bronx B6190 05/25/18 SD DONE
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, 12 Green Pond Road, Rockaway C5999 05/03/18 DF DONE
Fairview Campus New Middle School and High School, Fieldhouse, Greenhouse & Maintenance Bldgs G6000 05/03/18 DF DONE
Family Resource Center, 3415 Valley Road, Basking Ridge K6053 05/08/18 DF DONE
Fisher Bros,1345 Ave of Americas,  cellar K6251 05/25/18 SD DONE
FMC-DS Commack NY K6235 05/29/18 SD DONE
Foxborough, Amboy Rd., Old Bridge NJ C6248 06/14/18 SD in progress
Frames Bar Concept, 550 Ninth Ave 3 15 17 dwgs H8337 06/26/17 SD DONE
Francis Lewis H.S. Annex - Queens G6241 06/06/18 AW in progress
Freedom Village, Gibbsboro. NJ C6219 06/04/18 DF in progress
Freehold Medical Arts Building, 597 Park Ave (Rt 33), Freehold Boro, NJ B6095 05/25/18 DF DONE
French Perfumes S. Plainfield K6052 05/08/18 SD DONE
Fuku Restaurant, Seaport Square, Boston, MA H6122 05/17/18 DF DONE
Fulton Bank, 1220 N. Broad St, Philadelphia A6021 05/21/18 DF DONE
GET Café 228 Haverford Ave., Narberth, Pa H6209 05/23/18 SD DONE
Gibson Showroom, 41 Madison Ave  10th flr E6239 05/31/18 SD DONE
Glen Willow 172 Glenridge Ave Montclair C6063 05/13/18 SD DONE
GLG,60 E  42nd St   4th flr E6186 05/21/18 SD DONE
Goldwell K6288 05/31/18 SD in progress
Google, 111 Eighth 2nd flr GSA E5905 05/01/18 SD no bid
Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream H6121 05/13/18 SD DONE
GreyBarn - Phase 4, Amityville, NY C6220 05/29/18 DF DONE
GSA Tenant-Phase 2 - Bronx, NY D6264 05/31/18 AW DONE
Hackensack Meridian Health, Physicians Office, 1515 Richmond Ave, Point Pleasant B6076 05/17/18 DF DONE
Hampton Boat Houses - Hampton Bays, NY C6184 06/05/18 AW in progress
Happy Living Development,  229 9th St Brooklyn C6246 05/29/18 SD DONE
Hard Rock Hotel, 159 W 48th St C6068 05/17/18 SD DONE
Harlem Chilrens Zone, 2511 Frederick Douglas Blvd add#3  3/29 K5978 05/07/18 SD DONE
Health First, 28 E Broadway, ground flr CBO B6027 05/04/18 SD DONE
Health Village West - Hackettstown C6180 05/25/18 AW in progress
Heavy Equipment Maintenance Building at Monmouth County Public Works Complex, Freehold D6149 05/18/18 DF DONE
Hermes Gansevoort, 46-50 Gansevoort  K6233 05/31/18 SD DONE
High School for Media and Communications, (M465), Reso A Room Conversion-Recording Studio G6254 06/07/18 DF in progress
Hines, 10 Hudson St 11th flr E5927 05/02/18 SD DONE
Hines, 160 Varick, 11th flr K6257 05/29/18 SD DONE
Hines, 225 Varick, 4th flr E6051 05/08/18 SD DONE
Holy Redeemer Hospital, Third Floor Same Day Surgery Waiting Room Renovation, Meadowbrook PA B6144 05/15/18 DF DONE
Home Goods,3 Main St. Mt. Kisco H5970 05/08/18 SD DONE
Home Sense, Langhorne, PA H6091 05/11/18 DF DONE
Horsham Municipal Complex D5953 05/14/18 DF DONE
Hotel DuPont Food Court C6284 05/31/18 DF DONE
HSS Dana Bldg   510 E 73rd St E6093 05/18/18 SD DONE
Hudson Valley Hospital, Sleep Center B6072  05/14/18 DF DONE
HUMC Central Utility Plant (CUP) Hackensack [4/23/2018 Dwgs] B4542 06/05/18 AW DONE
Huntington Square 12 AMC, East Northport, NY H5754 05/02/18 DF DONE
Hyatt Place, 4521 Island Avenue, Philadelphia  C1777R1 05/25/18 DF DONE
Immunomedics, 300 The American Road, Morris Plains E6127 05/17/18 DF DONE
Independent Chemical Corp - Paterson K6010 05/09/18 AW DONE
IS 101 (PS 304), Bronx, 2750 Lafayette Avenue G5924 05/15/18 DF DONE
IS 93, Queens  Accessibility, 66-56 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood, NY G6200 05/30/18 DF DONE
Jared Millenia, Elmhurst, NY H5882 05/01/18 DF DONE
Jefferies, 520 Madison  19th flr E6261 06/02/18 SD in progress
Jefferson Healh-Phase III Bed Tower - Washington Twsp. B6202 06/14/18 AW in progress
Jetro Cash & Carry Corp HQ, 17-10 Whitestone Expressway E6244 05/29/18 SD DONE
JP Morgan Chase, Walnut St & 16th St, Philadelphia A6278 06/11/18 DF in progress
JPMorganChase, 390 Madison various floors A6028 05/07/18 SD DONE
JPMorganChase, 390 Madison, flr 2,3,4  Greyhound A6172 05/18/18 SD DONE
Kean University - School Of Business & Public Management G5831 05/16/18 AW DONE
Kean University Highlands Cabin, Jefferson, NJ G6040 05/25/18 DF DONE
Kimco Realty Jericho Atrium, Jericho NY K6080 05/24/18 SD DONE
King Abdulaziz Air Base D6061 05/11/18 AW DONE
Kittatinny H.S. Chiller Replacement - Newton G5926 05/01/18 AW DONE
Klau Bldg, Moses div of Montifiore Med Center B6102 05/21/18 SD DONE
L3 Capital N. 6th St holdings, 60 North 6th St Brooklyn K6025 05/09/18 SD DONE
L3 Capital Willamsburg Meridian Kent, 172 Kent Ave Brooklyn K6024 05/09/18 SD DONE
LaGuardia Airport central terminal bldg replace proj, final cooling tower (CTW),100% CD D6272 06/14/18 SD in progress
Lands' End, Chimney Rock Crossing, Bridgewater, NJ H6230 05/24/18 DF DONE
Law Tort/OCME, 260 E. 161st St  Bronx K5431 03/22/18 SD DONE
Lehigh Valley lot # 2 D6023 05/04/18 SD DONE
Lehman College, Leonard Lief Library, Bronx G6289 06/15/18 DF in progress
Levi's Empire Outlets Staten Island H6142 05/15/18 SD no bid
Levi's flagship store,1535 B'way, ground floor & cellar H6050 05/11/18 SD DONE
Lincoln Plaza Pad Sites, Building 1 and 2, Langhorne, PA K6161 05/25/18 DF DONE
Linwood Park Apts, Brooklyn C1643 05/15/18 SD DONE
LIRR-Jamaica HQ, NYPA'S Energy Service Program #ES-GSN-0700 D5925 05/12/18 DF DONE
Lowe's Douglaston NY H6120 05/11/18 SD DONE
Lyndhurst Jr H.S. G6042 06/12/18 AW in progress
Maimonides Med Ctr, interim location of cardio-thoracic ITU B6263 06/01/18 SD DONE
Main & Monroe South Bldg, Rahway C6154 05/18/18 DF DONE
Mark Morris Dance Center, 278 Ashland Place, Brooklyn K6171 05/18/18 SD DONE
Maspeth Federal Savings, Fresh Pond Road, Flushing NY A6213 05/30/18 SD DONE
Mavis Discount Tire, Egg Harbor Township H6265 05/31/18 DF DONE
Mavis Discount Tire, Magnolia H6260 05/30/18 DF DONE
Maxwell Place on the Hudson, Block "D" C6242 06/10/18 SD in progress
Melville Mall, 834 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY H6203 05/29/1/8 DF DONE
Mercer Co. College ES Building - West Windsor G5809 05/03/18 AW DONE
Mercy College, Renovations to Founders Hall Southeast Wing G6234 05/29/18 DF DONE
Middletown Wellness Plaza B5508R1 05/01/18 DF DONE
MLB, 1271 Ave of America, various floors, 50% CD K6152 05/17/18 SD DONE
Mobile Office, One Commerce Square, Philadelphia E6150 05/18/18 DF in progress
Molloy College, 1000 Hempstead Ave Rockville Center new residence G6070 05/09/18 SD DONE
Montclair Kimberley Academy, Primary School Cafetorium G5818 05/04/18 DF DONE
Montifiore Med Ctr, Moses division Klau Bldg, first flr B6102 05/21/18 SD DONE
MRNY (Make the Road NY) K5976 05/04/18 SD DONE
Mt. Sinai Beth Israel opthalmology clinic ren, Dr. H. Jay Wisnicki, 1825 Madison Ave grnd flr B6137 05/23/18 SD DONE
Murray Hill, 180 Maiden Lane, 4th flr E5957 05/08/18 SD DONE
Newark Airport Taxi Dispatcher's Booth D5781 05/03/18 AW DONE
Newark Public Parking and Conrac - Newark Airport (50% Dwgs) D6281 06/01/18 AW in progress
Newmark Grubb,1501 Broadway, retail 2&3 H6217 05/29/18 SD DONE
Newton Medical Center, AHS, C-Section Air Handing Unit  B6164 05/23/18 DF DONE
NJIT - Colton Hall Boiler Replacement G6099 05/11/18 DF DONE
Normandy 799 Broadway E6115 05/18/18 SD DONE
Northeastern Towers Annex, Ten Story Senior Apt. Bldg, 161-11 132nd Avenue, Jamaica, NY C6196 06/01/18 DF in progress
Northern Burlington Reg. H.S. Corridor Connection - Columbus G6175 06/05/18 AW in progress
Northfield Bank, 112 Court Street, Brooklyn A6017 05/16/18 DF DONE
Novartis C&G Therapy Manufacturing PH 1 - Morris Plains K5928 05/11/18 AW in progress
Nutella, 116 University Place, New York, NY K6249 05/29/18 DF DONE
NYC Departments of Homeless Services, Fort Washington Armory Boiler Replacement D2685R1 05/12/18 DF DONE
NYCTA Contract S-32150, Sandy Repair 200th/207th Street… D5938 05/15/18 DF DONE
NYU 708 Broadway G6123 05/14/18 SD DONE
NYU Langone, 660 First Ave cooling tower upgrade B6158 05/21/18 SD DONE
Oath Pizza - Ardmore, PA H6243 05/30/18 AW DONE
Ocean City Humane Society  D6136 06/14/18 AW in progress
Ocean Co. College Performing-Arts Academy - Toms River G5700 05/01/18 AW DONE
Ocean County ESIP-HVAC Upgrades-Bid #II - Toms River (Rebid) D6231 06/12/18 AW in progress
Octagon Amenities, Roosevelt Island C6032 05/10/18 SD DONE
Old Navy Empire Outlets,158 Richmond Terrace, SI NY H6198 05/30/18 SD DONE
One Commerce Square Mobile Desk, Philadelphia E6150 05/18/18 DF in progress
Parker @ McCarrick, Phase 2 C6206 06/04/18 SD in progress
Part of the Solution, P.O.T.S,  2759 Webster Ave Bronx 4 20 dwgs K4117R1 06/01/18 DF in progress
Patton Towne Center, Patton Twp, Pa D6107 05/29/18 SD DONE
PDI Healthcare HQ's - Woodcliff Lake K6067 05/15/18 AW DONE
Penn Medicine Pavillion PL-2 - Philadelphia B5756 04/25/18 AW DONE
Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center, Expansion Project, Doylestown  K5904 05/10/18 DF DONE
Pennsylvania State Police, Media, PA D5952 05/10/18 DF DONE
Perlman Residence, 21 W.70th St, 4th, 5th flrs C6269 05/30/18 SD DONE
Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic, 1111 Madison Ave D6044 05/08/18 SD DONE
Pershing Square, 787 11th Ave 9th flr E6169 05/18/18 SD DONE
Petco - Union H6176 05/18/18 AW DONE
Philadelphia Museum Of Art-Mount Pleasant  K5968 05/15/18 AW DONE
Philadelphia Protestant Home, Midway PC Dining Room, K6145 05/15/18/ DF DONE
Plainfield Country Club, Proposed Clubhouse Improvements K6201 05/24/18 DF DONE
Port Imperial South Bldg 8-9, Weehawkin  4 27 construction set C5233R1 05/18/18 SD DONE
Premier A2 storage facility, New Castle DE H6089 05/12/18 SD DONE
Project November Distribution Center, Bethlehem, PA E6057 05/14/18 DF DONE
Project River, New Distribution Center, Principio Parkway, Cecil County, MD E6119 05/11/18 DF DONE
Project Sycamore - Totowa K5969 05/09/18 AW DONE
Proposed commercial & res bldg, 172 Glenridge Ave Montclair C6063 05/13/18 SD DONE
PS 006X, X449 Standalone Gym, 1930 Vyse Avenue, Bronx G6253 06/07/18 DF in progress
PS 127K, New Building, 922 78th Street, Brooklyn G6084 05/14/18 DF DONE
PS 199, Queens, 39-20 48th Avenue G5922 05/10/18 DF DONE
PS 256Q, Replacement Building, 445 Beach 135th Street G6223 06/01/18 DF in progress
PS 37, Queens, 179-37 137 Avenue G5845 05/01/18 DF DONE
PS 400, Queens, 156-10 Baisley Blvd G5923 05/08/18 DF DONE
PS 47, Queens, 9 Power Road, Broadchannel, Queens G6252 06/06/18 DF in progress
PS 97K, New Building, 1846 West 13th Street, Brooklyn G6238 05/29/18 DF DONE
PS 97X, Bronx, New Addition,2500 Fish Street G6016 05/17/18 DF DONE
PSEG Training Center J6214 05/23/18 SD DONE
PSEG, 40 Cragwood Road, S. Plainfield NJ J6096 05/11/18 SD DONE
QC Terme NY, 111 Andes Road - Building 111, Governors Island, NY K6279 06/08/18 DF in progress
QC Terme NY, 112 Addes Road - Building 112, Governors Island, NY K6280 06/08/18 DF in progress
Quadrum office ren., 261 Fifth Ave 18th flr E5603 05/01/18 SD DONE
Quagen suppository line K6013 05/08/18 SD DONE
Quick Lane 909 E Baltimore Pike, Kennet Square, Pa K6087 05/12/18 SD DONE
Ralph Lauren #301, The Arches, Deer Park, NY H6138 05/24/18 DF DONE
Redhook Houses East and West Restoration Assoicated w/Sandy Recovery Program, Red Hook Brooklyn C5379 05/07/18 DF DONE
Regus "Spaces", 41 Flatbush Ave 4 20 dwgs H5471 05/10/18 SD DONE
Residential development, 249 E. 117th St  Harlem C6003 05/07/18 SD DONE
River Centre - Bldg 1, 2 and 3, Canopy & Entry Renovation, Middletown, NJ K5972 05/02/18 DF DONE
River Commons, 764 New Bridge Road, Teaneck, NJ H6271 05/30/18 DF DONE
River Valley Health Care, Hackettstown C5533 03/02/18 SD DONE
Riverwalk Commons - Red Bank, 24-30 Mechanic Street, Red Bank, NJ C6006 05/10/18 DF DONE
Robbinsville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram H6125 06/04/18 SD DONE
Rodney  Corp, 555 Madison 8th floor E5911 05/01/18 SD DONE
Ross Station - Plantation even center, Seaford DE K6088 05/12/18 SD DONE
Rothman MOB Bldg#22 Limerick B6274 05/30/18 SD in progress
Rutgers-Alexander Johnson Renovation G5948 05/14/18 AW DONE
Rutgers-Day School Entry UBHCC G5803 05/03/18 AW DONE
RWJBarnabas Pharmacy Upgrades B6109 05/11/18 AW DONE
RWJBarnabas-Phase 3-2nd Floor East - Somerville B6156 05/15/18 AW DONE
RWJUH PT Gym Addition - New Brunswick B6034 05/07/18 AW DONE
S & P K6153 05/15/18 DF DONE
Safe Splash swim school,Cedar Grove NJ K6104 05/16/18 SD DONE
Sag Harbour Cinema & Arts Center D6043 05/20/18 SD no bid
Saks Fifth Ave,611 Fifth, L1 level H5609 05/09/18 SD DONE
Santander, CC #2141-Fulton Street, Brooklyn A5973 05/01/18 DF DONE
Savanna,  19 W 44th St. 2nd flr E6266 05/31/18 SD in progress
Savannah, 1825 Park Ave K5602 05/03/18 SD DONE
School St, Yonkers C6188 05/23/18 SD DONE
Sekisui SPI-South Campus - Bloomsburg, PA K6054 05/09/18 AW DONE
Sensingnet Inc,525 W 26th, 1st flr K6056 05/08/18 SD DONE
Seritage Growth Properies, 650 Lee Blvd, Jefferson Valley Mall, Yorktown Heights, NY H6212 06/10/18 DF in progress
Seritage Growth Properties, 4000 Jericho Turnpike, E. Northport, NY H5753 05/02/18 DF DONE
Shake Shack, 1 W. 125th St H5954 05/02/18 SD DONE
Shop Rite, #330, Manchester, CT H6232 05/30/18 DF DONE
Shop Rite, New Milford H5795 05/03/18 DF DONE
South Beach Psychiatric Center-Energy Performance Contract B5783 05/11/18 AW DONE
Spaces, 41 Flatbush Ave 4 20 dwgs H5471 05/10/18 SD DONE
Speitel Commons At Bayview Manor (Ocean City Senior Housing) C6060 05/31/18 AW in progress
Spotify NYC, 4 WTC  150 Greenwich St K6005 05/09/18 SD DONE
Spruce Spires, various locations, Newark NJ C6174 05/24/18 SD DONE
Stevens Institute Of Technology-McLean Hall Boiler Replacement - Hoboken G6110 05/18/18 AW DONE
Stevens Institute Of Technology-Pond House Wellness Center - Hoboken G6163 05/16/18 AW DONE
Stokes Elementary School - Camden, DE G6123 05/11/18 AW DONE
Tangram Plaza K6240 06/01/18 DF in progress
Target, 1201 Third Ave NYC H6221 05/29/18 SD DONE
TCNJ STEM Complex Phase 3 - Ewing G6097 05/18/18 AW DONE
Temple University - Oral Microbiome Lab G6018 05/14/18 AW DONE
Tenant @ 555 Madison  8th flr E5911 05/01/18 SD DONE
TH Real Estate, 360 W 31st St cellar, ground floor &lobby E6049 05/11/18 SD DONE
The Battery Maritime, 15 South St NYC D5920 05/03/18 SD DONE
The Donut Pub, 740 Broadway H6282 06/05/18 SD in progress
The Frankford - 1224-40 Frankford Ave - Philadelphia C5891 05/03/18 AW DONE
The Link At University City - Philadelphia C6168 05/17/18 AW DONE
The Octagon Amenities, Roosevelt Island NY C6032 05/10/18 SD DONE
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd., 527 Madison  17th flr A6159 05/24/18 SD DONE
The Umbrella Factory C3066R1 05/29/18 DF DONE
The Wave - 150 River Drive, Jersey City (aka Lefrak 4A NE Quadrant) C4856R2 05/30/18 DF DONE
The Wheaton at Millville, Proposed Assisted Living Residence C5231R1 05/23/18 DF DONE
Toyota, Ramsey H6170 05/23/18 SD DONE
Tractor Supply Co. - West Milford H6228 05/29/18 AW DONE
Ulta, 133-05 20th Ave College Point NY H5836 05/02/18 SD DONE
UMC-Bristol Glen, Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Renovations, Newton, NJ C5903 05/10/18 DF DONE
Valentino, 11 W. 42nd St 26th flr E6131 05/16/18 SD DONE
Vanguard West Campus Bldg 35 (Rev per 75% Dwgs) E5617 05/21/18 AW DONE
Village Elementary School G6211 05/23/18 AW DONE
Vineland H.S. North Cafeteria Toilet Rooms G6135 05/30/18 AW DONE
Vineland Prep AHU Replacement G5967 05/11/18 AW DONE
Vornado Realty Trust, 888 Seventh Ave  5th flr E6113 05/11/18 SD DONE
Warby Parker K6147 05/15/18 SD DONE
Washington College - Cullen Hall G6058 05/09/18 DF DONE
Washington Promenade, Building A, 546 Washington Ave, Borough of Dumont C6256 06/07/18 DF in progress
Wastewater Treatment plant upgrade, Borough of Allentown, Monmouth County NJ J6215 05/23/18 SD DONE
Wawa, Hackettstown H6071 05/25/18 DF DONE
Wawa, Rahway H6001 05/02/18 DF DONE
We Work, 115 Broadway, 3rd flr E6258 05/29/18 SD DONE
Well #5 - Hampton Borough D6140 05/14/18 AW DONE
Wells Fargo, 30 Hudson  Yards A6177 05/18/18 SD DONE
Wells Fargo, New Brunswick A6092 05/25/18 DF DONE
West Coast Shipping, Office Renovation, Linden, NJ  E6226 05/31/18 DF DONE
West Point, Anderson Athletic Center D6191 05/22/18 DF DONE
White Plains Hospital EPR core & shell  B5945 05/01/18 SD DONE
Woodbridge Self Storage K6046 05/18/18 AW DONE
Woodbury Armory Boiler Replacement - Woodbury D5785 06/12/18 AW in progress
WuXi AppTec GMP Cell Therapy Manufacturing Suite K5809 05/08/18 AW DONE