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updated 09/28/2018

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105.5 North St   Bayonne C7172 09/17/18 SD DONE
110 East 149th Street, Bronx K7063 09/14/18 DF DONE
119 Seventh Ave C7195 09/24/18 SD DONE
120 Broadway, 40th floor tenant fitout K7216 09/25/18 SD in progress
124 Atlantic Ave K7228 09/19/18 SD DONE
125 MEC Center B West K7232 09/21/18 SD DONE
1299 Third Ave C7307 09/28/18 SD in progress
14 Lecount Place C7159 09/20/18 SD DONE
1401 Arch Street - Philadelphia C7300 10/10/18 AW in progress
148 Duane St K7190 09/17/18 SD DONE
148 Green St., Brooklyn, first flr C7305 09/27/18 SD DONE
1508 Coney Island Avenue K7224 09/28/18 DF DONE
1700 Broadway  generator replacement K7054 09/18/18 SD DONE
18 India Street C7323 09/27/18 SD DONE
185 Grand St NYC C7191 09/21/18 SD DONE
196 Orchard K7277 09/24/18 SD DONE
199 Chrystie St  9 7 dwgs C6952R1 09/30/18 SD in progress
20 West 14th St (Fithouse) H7116 09/11/18 SD DONE
218 W. 18th St 3rd flr C7178 09/18/18 SD DONE
222 E.44th St K7181 09/13/18 SD DONE
223 Borden Ave (2-22 Borden Ave) LIC,proposed 5-story mixed use development, 2-22 51st Ave C7103 09/12/18 SD DONE
250 E. 49th St penthouse C7215 09/19/18 SD DONE
264 E. Seventh Str C7080 09/10/18 SD DONE
290 Lafayette  Street  first floor K7233 09/25/18 SD DONE
29-21 21st Ave sales office. K7167 09/20/18 SD DONE
335 W 35th St K6698 08/31/18 SD DONE
344 Duffy Avenue, Hicksville E7065 09/10/18 DF DONE
3501 Grille - Zest H7147 09/11/18 AW DONE
38 East 85th St C7146 09/14/18 SD DONE
415 West 120th Street C7151 09/24/18 DF DONE
45 Broad St K4362 10/01/18 SD DONE
505 West 168th St C7319 10/01/18 SD in progress
550 Madison Ave SC thru roof E7240 09/27/18 SD DONE
550 Vanderbilt Ave  Brooklyn K7238 09/24/18 SD DONE
558 Grand Concourse K7201 09/18/18 SD DONE
630 Third Ave retail and cooling tower heat trace K7261 10/01/18 SD DONE
645 Madison 17th flr K7230 09/20/18 SD DONE
69 Saratoga Ave Brooklyn C7196 09/19/18 SD DONE
730 5th Avenue - Permanent Steam Station K6743R1 09/11/18 DF DONE
75 Broad St 19th flr E7148 09/17/18 SD DONE
770 Broadway, 10th flr East MER AHU K7060 08/31/18 SD DONE
800 SMR Fit-Out - Plainsboro K7107 09/05/18 AW DONE
955 Allwood Rd Clifton NJ K7171 09/17/18 SD DONE
990 Ave of the Americas, flrs 5 thru 24 E7242 09/25/18 SD DONE
A New Community Center for the Borough of Phoenixville, Pa Hvac pavilion D7259 10/01/18 SD DONE
A.C.N., 155 Morgan St, Jersey City aka  NJ Dragon Realty C7058 09/17/18 SD DONE
Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Building for the County College of Morris G7247 10/04/18 DF in progress
Advent Renal Care aka Genesis Services K7287 09/26/18 SD DONE
Aerie Pharmaceuticals, 550 Hills Drive, Bedminister, NJ E7160 09/26/18 DF DONE
Ann Thomas Apartments C7296 09/26/18 SD in progress
APG bldg 328 repair D6977 09/20/18 SD DONE
Apple Spice, 80 Leuning Street, Hackensack H7221 09/24/18 DF DONE
Around the clock diner, American Dream H7125 09/12/18 SD DONE
Artis Senior Living of Chestnut Ridge, NY C7156 09/28/18 DF DONE
Artis Senior Living of Commack C7019 09/07/18 DF DONE
Artis senior living, Eatontown C6981 09/04/18 SD DONE
AT&T Corp Real Estate Bedminster Port F restacks  E15985 I7087 09/05/18 SD DONE
Aurolife Pharma LLC-203 North Fit-Out 2 - East Windsor K4857-2 09/04/18 AW DONE
Avis Lobby - Newark Airport K7133 09/10/18 AW DONE
Bainbridge House-Princeton University G7211 09/26/18 AW DONE
Bank of Ameica, MAC upgrade, Elmhurst A7231 09/20/18 SD DONE
Barnegat Townhsip Public Works Bldg D7274 10/02/18 AW in progress
Bedford Union Army Blgs 01,02,03 D7033 09/07/18 SD DONE
Belleville ES #3 G7253 09/30/18 SD in progress
Belleville High School G7239 10/11/18 AW in progress
Betsy Ross Bridge Toll Plaza HVAC - Pennsauken D7106 09/06/18 AW DONE
Blue Hen Corporate Center, Dover, DE E6197R1 09/27/18 DF DONE
BMW Training Center Expansion - Woodcliff Lake K6962 09/11/18 AW DONE
Bottleking, Livingston H7117 09/06/18 SD DONE
Bridge West Housing @ Lehigh University, Bethlehem Pa G7262 10/01/18 SD in progress
Bridgeton Downtown Office Building D7210 10/17/18 AW in progress
Bright Horizons 3511 Silverside Road  Wilmington DE G7316 10/03/18 SD in progress
Brookfield Place,200 Liberty St. K7218 09/20/18 SD DONE
Brookfield Properties, One Liberty Plaza (Brooks Bros.) H7268 09/25/18 SD in progress
Brooklyn Community District 3 Garage D6958 10/30/18 AW in progress
Bryn Athyn College student union G7088 09/19/18 SD DONE
Bulletin Building (Brandywine Trust) - Philadelphia K7168 09/27/18 AW DONE
Burlington Co. IT Room Upgrade at 49 Rancocas - Burlington D6931 09/18/18 AW DONE
Burlington Co. Specialized Storage Facility - Pemberton D6930 09/18/18 AW DONE
Burlington, Plymouth Meeting, PA H7110 09/27/18 DF DONE
Café Gabi 7283 10/01/18 SD in progress
Callahan Capital Properties, 3 Bryant Park E7114 09/06/18 SD DONE
Calvert Vaux Park-Comfort Station and Maintenance Facility, Brooklyn D7127 09/17/18 DF in progress
Camp Kilmer 3, Phase A D7120 09/18/18 SD DONE
CBRE, 444 Madison,flr 5,6 E7101 09/12/18 SD DONE
Celine, 598 Madison Ave  12th flr K7289 09/27/18 SD DONE
Central District Retail Phase 1, 1500-1790 Crystal Drive, Arilington, Va H5215R1 10/09/18 DF in progress
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Building 808 - Poughkeepsie, NY J7290 09/25/18 AW DONE
Char Burger & Creamery - Bridgewater H7312 10/12/2018 DF in progress
Charles Schwab, 300 Park Ave K7093 09/28/18 SD in progress
Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia - MRI Support B7252 09/26/18 AW DONE
Cirkers K7317 10/01/18 SD in progress
Claremont Peconic,2-22 51s LIC C7103 09/06/18 SD DONE
Comfort Station & Maintenance Facil.-Calvert Vaux Park - Brooklyn D6857 09/17/18 AW DONE
Community Space, 30 E. 85th St D7165 09/14/18 SD DONE
Cooper University Health Care Confernece Center - Camden B7301 10/01/18 AW DONE
Craftsman Farms Admistration Building - Morris Plains K7285 10/04/18 AW in progress
Credit Union of New Jersey, Trenton B7257 09/28/18 DF DONE
Crown and Cross Christian Church, Orange, NJ F7251 09/28/18 DF DONE
Cushman & Wakefield, 500 Fifth Av  2nd flr K7270 09/06/18 SD DONE
CVS Health - Omnicare, King of Prussia B7170 09/25/18 DF DONE
D&D Meat Packing Bulletin 11 K7272 09/24/18 SD DONE
Davida Healthcare, 1200 US Highway 22 West, Plainfield, NJ B7140 09/21/18 DF DONE
Dayton Ave Educational Complex - Passaic G7281 10/05/18 AW in progress
Dean & Deluca,420 Lexington  9 21 dwgs H6373R2 09/25/18 SD DONE
Dennis Basso, Empire Outlets, space 316B H7091 09/04/18 SD DONE
Dick's Sporting Goods, Plymouth Meeting, PA H7111 09/17/18 DF DONE
Dill & Parsley, 80 Pine St H7122 09/07/18 SD DONE
Dill & Parsley, 80 Pine St H7122 09/07/18 SD DONE
Don's Salads, Schwenksville. PA E7278 09/28/18 DF DONE
Dragon Realty/CAN, 155 Morgan St., Jersey City C7058 09/18/18 SD DONE
DSW, American Dream, East Rutherford H7126 09/18/18 DF DONE
Dunkin Donuts Middletown DE H7145 09/14/18 SD DONE
Eden Park Pool Renovation, Wilmington, DE D7155 09/12/18 DF DONE
Edenwald YMCA, 1250 East 229th Street, Bronx K7095 09/28/18 DF DONE
Edward Bryan Elementary School - Creeskill G6939 09/04/18 AW DONE
Emblem Health  2655 Richmond Ave SI Mall Med Ctr B7269 09/27/18 SD DONE
Equinix NY5-3 Data Center - Secaucus K7048 09/19/18 AW DONE
Esperanza Health Care Center B7184 09/14/18 AW DONE
Esperanza Health-H Street Parking Garage - Philadelphia B7082 09/12/18 AW DONE
ESRT 60 E. 42nd St  11th floor E7034 09/04/18 SD DONE
ESRT, 250 W. 57th St basement E7089 09/06/18 SD DONE
Exodus Capital, 65 E  55th St 10th flr K7271 09/24/18 SD DONE
FAA Bldg 300 HVAC Replacement - Atlantic City D6961 10/01/18 AW DONE
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, 12 Green Pond Road, Rockaway C7205 10/02/18 DF DONE
Fashion Institute of Technology, New Academic Building G7079 09/25/18 DF DONE
Ferrero USA, Somerset, NJ E6941 09/04/18 DF DONE
Fishpond Plaza, 354 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd, Washington Township H7219 09/28/18 DF DONE
Fithouse, 20 W. 14th St cellar, first H7116 09/11/18 SD done
Four Story Building, Retail/Apt Bldg, 941-945 Main Street, Paterson, NJ C7013 09/14/18 DF DONE
Ft. Bragg high efficiency dehumidication unit D7200 09/18/18 SD DONE
Genesis Services, 3200 Baychester Ave K7287 09/26/18 SD DONE
Goodman Statium - Press Box, Lehigh University C7292 10/08/18 DF in progress
Green Street Mixed-Use Facility - Newark K7321 10/25/18 AW in progress
Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club, Locust Valley NY D7264 10/17/18 SD in progress
Gruss Center For Arts & Design-The Lawrenceville School - Lawrenceville G7322 10/16/18 AW in progress
Guild for Exceptional Children, 260 68th Street, Brooklyn G7276 10/05/18 DF in progress
Hard Rock Hotel, 159 W. 48th Street C7256 10/02/18 DF in progress
Hard Rock Sportsbook - Atlantic City K7144 09/14/18 AW DONE
Hilton Garden Inn, Camden C7044 09/07/18 SD DONE
Hilton Garden Inn, Jamaica/Air Train, NY C7142 09/17/18 DF DONE
Homewood Suites by Hilton, Monroe/South Brunswick, NJ Turnpike Exit 8a C7220 09/19/18 DF DONE
Hudson Research Center, 610 W  51st K7085 09/12/18 SD DONE
Hudson River Park, Segment segment 5 Pier 55  12 17 quote D4398 09/04/18 SD DONE
I.S. 062 Brooklyn, 700 Courtelyou  G7131 09/27/18 DF DONE
Indian Trail Club, Franklin Lakes K7235 09/24/18 DF DONE
Inspira Health Medical Office Fit-Out - Woolwich B7046 09/18/18 AW in progress
Instutute For Advance Study-Faculty Townhouses - Princeton G7083 09/28/18 AW DONE
Interim Services, 685 Fifth Ave K7284 09/30/18 SD DONE
J. Jill, Shoppes at Union Hill, Unit 2, Denville, NJ H7141 09/21/18 DF DONE
J. Safra Real Estate (JSRE) pre-build, 550 Fifth Ave 10th flr E7135 09/11/18 SD DONE
Jacquet Office and Manufacturing/Warehouse E6364R1 09/05/18 DF DONE
Jefferson Health Infusion Center - Sewel B7299 10/10/18 AW in progress
JFK School Chiller Replacement - Newark G7053 09/17/18 AW DONE
JFK Terminal Logistics Center, 130-24 S. Conduit Ave, Jamaica NY K7187 09/17/18 SD DONE
John Cutler res, 42 Crosby C7066 08/30/18 SD DONE
Kessler Foundation facility;, 1199 Pleasant Valley Way, W. Orange NJ B7189 09/19/18 SD DONE
Kiddie Academy, 560 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick G7311 10/10/18 DF in progress
Knotel, 530-536 Broadway, fls 2,3,4 C7049 09/04/18 SD DONE
Legoland Admistration Bldg - Goshen, NY E7248 10/05/18 AW in progress
Lenape Park East Catering Hall - Hamilton Twsp D7286 10/04/18 AW DONE
Leonard Place School G7162 09/12/18 SD DONE
Leslie's Pool, Glendale Plaza H7315 10/04/18 SD in progress
Life Safety Generator, 3 Brayant Park aka Callahan Capital Properties E7114 09/06/18 SD DONE
LVHN Cedar Crest Children's Hospital Phase 1 Lobby -Allentown, PA B7100 09/13/18 AW DONE
Macy's Conversion at Plymouth Meeting Mall H6599R1 09/19/18 DF DONE
Main Street Radiology V, 83-14 Cooper Avenue, Glendale, NY B7208 09/26/18 DF DONE
Mavis Tire, Chestnut Hill Plaza, Newark DE H7209 09/20/18 SD DONE
Memorial Sloan-Ketterng Pathology Lab - Middletown (rev) B6633 09/04/18 AW DONE
Mercado Costa SHM H7161 09/12/18 SD DONE
Merchantville Community & Senior Center D7167 10/03/18 AW in progress
Meridian Living at Holmdel, Route 35, Holmdel, NJ C3686R1 09/04/18 DF DONE
Merrill Lynch-Site Images - Summit E7280 09/25/18 AW DONE
Michaels, Plymouth Meeting, PA H7109 09/27/18 DF DONE
MMP White Plains, 125 Mamaroneck Ave K7039 09/06/18 SD DONE
Modani furniture store,772 Rte 17 North,Paramus H7297 10/02/18 SD in progress
Modcloth, 42 Crosby St. Ste 1B H7123 09/11/18 SD DONE
Mountainside Hospital MOB/One Bay urban renewal, Montclair E7188 09/17/18 SD DONE
MRNY (Make the Road NY) 8 27 dwg, 104-19  Roosevelt Ave., Corona K5976 08/31/18 SD DONE
Mt. Sinai - St. Lukes amb health care fac.practice surgical suites, Amsterdam Ave B7198 09/20/18 SD DONE
MTA  NYCTA contract# S-47009 CBTC system, West 8th St to Church Ave Ave X relay bldg (Culver) D7150 09/18/18 SD DONE
MTA Metro North Railroad, 420 Lexington Ave  6th flr D7326 10/02/18 SD in progress
NBA restack, 645 Fifth Ave,  19th,20th  flr K7183 09/19/18 SD DONE
Nemours Medical Office Building, Milford, DE B7309 09/26/18 DF DONE
New Activity Center, Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, Pa. K7260 10/01/18 SD DONE
New Courtland Henrt Ave Campus phase 1 pavilion, Philadelphia  9 7 dwgs G6395 09/28/18 SD DONE
New Engineers Office at the Verrazano Narrows Bridge Service Building E7206 09/20/18 DF DONE
NJ Transit - Bay Head D7003 09/19/18 AW DONE
NJCU   G7288 09/24/18 SD DONE
NJCU Campus 3 proposed cuticles, Jersey City G7263 09/21/18 SD DONE
NJDOT South HQ's - Cherry Hill D7166 10/16/18 AW in progress
North Shore UH Tower 8 B7152 09/10/18 SD DONE
Novartis-C&G Therapy-Phase 1B K5928-2 09/06/18 AW DONE
NY Eye & Ear B7249 09/19/18 SD DONE
NY Islanders, 15 Verbena Ave.,Floral Park K7179 09/19/18 SD DONE
NYPD 100th Police Precinct Power Recovery and Upgrade D7129 10/01/18 DF in progress
Office for District Attorney and Courts, Queens Borough Hall D7128 10/10/18 DF in progress
One Bay urban renewa LLC, Montclair medical ofc bldg E7188 09/19/18 SD DONE
Perth Amboy H.S. Boiler Pump Replacement G7105 09/11/18 AW DONE
Pet Smart, 2656 Hyland Blvd Staten Island H7293 10/05/18 SD DONE
Pharmacy upgrades, Saint Mary's Gen Hospitial, Passaic N J B7245 09/26/18 SD DONE
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pitman, 31 W 52nd 28th flr E7028 09/05/18 SD DONE
Plainfield Sewerage Authority Administration Bldg J7298 09/25/18 AW DONE
Planet Fitness, New Castle DE H7176 09/18/18 SD DONE
PLCB Lebanon, Pa K7282 10/01/18 SD DONE
Politz Day School of Cherry Hill G7186 10/02/18 DF in progress
Poplar Street apts C7050 09/10/18 SD in progress
Pre-build Suite,75 Broad St 19th flr E7148 09/17/18 SD DONE
Pre-build Suites, 218 W. 18th St.  3rd floor C7178 09/19/18 SD DONE
Pre-build, 550 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor E7193 09/18/18 DF in progress
Pre-build., 550 Fifth Ave 10th flr E7135 09/11/18 SD DONE
Primo Produce, 2100 Hoover Ave, Allentown, PA E7021 09/10/18 DF DONE
Princeton University - MacMillan Bldg Dust Collector G7040 09/06/18 AW DONE
Project Home-Maguire Residence - Philadelphia C6948 09/21/18 AW DONE
Project TEB9 - Shell Building, Somerset, NJ E7064 09/11/18 DF DONE
PS 227 Brooklyn, 2529 Gerritsen Avenue G7137 09/27/18 DF DONE
PS 345, Brooklyn, 111 Berriman Street G7154 09/27/18 DF DONE
PS 74, Staten Island, 211 Daniel Low Terrace G7207 10/05/18 DF in progress
PSE&G Customer Service Center - Plainfield J6995 09/10/18 AW in progress
PSEG  Van Winkle St. substation J7164 09/20/18 SD DONE
PSEG South Fifth Street substation J7306 09/26/18 SD DONE
Quagen Pharma compressor vent system W. Caldwell K7266 09/21/18 SD DONE
Queens DA Office -- 120-55 Queens Blvd D7237 10/10/18 AW in progress
Rafael Pharma Lab Renovation, 520 Broad Street, Newark E7244 09/25/18 DF DONE
Raven  Hall  2006 Surf Ave  Brooklyn G7227 09/24/18 SD DONE
Residence Inn, Wallkill, Tower Drive, Middletown, NY C7241 09/27/18 DF DONE
Restaurant Renovation, 411 Park Avenue South K7324 10/01/18 DF in progress
Restoration Associated with Sandy Recovery Program - Metro North Plaza Houses, GR1429261 C7084R1 10/17/18 DF DONE
Restoration Associated with Sandy Recovery Program-Coney Island Sites, GR1812896 (add#5) C6703R1 09/07/18 DF DONE
Retail "E1" Shops at Riverhead H7294 10/02/18 DF in progress
RIU Hotel heat trace C7226 09/27/18 SD DONE
Riverhouse at Odette's, 274 South River Road, New Hope, PA C7169 09/21/18 DF DONE
Rockford Falls, Wilmington DE K7314 10/12/18 SD in progress
Roof Shed 9 Metrotech, Brooklyn K7097 09/10/18 SD DONE
Rothman Institute, Lankenau Hospital MOB East-4th Floor, Wynnewood, PA B7138 09/27/18 DF DONE
Roxbury High School, 1 Bryant Drive, Succasunna, NJ G7104 09/12/18 DF DONE
Rutgers-School Of Health Professions Alterations G7213 10/16/18 AW in progress
RWJUH PSE&G Hospital Efficiency Program 2018 Upgrades B7194 09/18/18 AW DONE
S&P Global  55 Water St concourse level  K7238 09/26/18 SD DONE
Safe Splash Swim School, Cedar Grove, NJ G7041 09/05/18 DF DONE
Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center K7027 09/04/18 DF in progress
Saint Mary's General Hospital pharmacy upgrades, Passaic NJ B7245 09/20/18 SD DONE
Sandy Hook Maintenance Facility D7175 09/14/18 AW DONE
Sea Life Center - American Dream Mall K7057E 09/01/18 AW DONE
Second Farms, 1932 Bryant Avenue, Bronx C7014 09/05/18 DF DONE
Sendero Verde 50 E. 112th St rebid C5531R2 09/21/18 SD DONE
Sephora, American Dream, Rutherford H7118 09/17/18 SD DONE
Shake Shack HQ, 225 Varick 3rd flr H7056 09/05/18 SD DONE
Shake Shack, Parsippany H7173 09/25/18 SD DONE
SL Green Realty Corp., 304 Park Ave South, 6th flr E7163 09/14/18 SD DONE
South Bronx Hotel, 2568 Park Ave., Bronx C7304 10/01/18 SD in progress
Spotify7 4 WTC flrs 72,73  rev H6519 06/30/18 SD DONE
Spring House Village (Pa.) medical bldg, level 1 B7121 09/25/18 SD DONE
Spring Lake Heights WWTP J7174 09/14/18 AW DONE
St. Barnabas Medical Center-East Lobby & Canopy - Livingston B7043 09/24/18 AW DONE
St. Catherine's Academy, 2250 Williamsbridge Rd., Bronx G7320 09/28/18 SD in progress
Stevens Institute Of Technology-Davidson Labs G7002 09/06/18 AW DONE
Stockley Center Campus Entrance Renovation G7279 09/24/18 DF DONE
Stop & Shop, E. Setaucket H7229 09/24/18 SD DONE
Surfside Park - Avalon D7192 10/05/18 AW in progress
Susquehanna County Courthouse D7265 09/21/18 AW DONE
Tenant improvements,405 Lexington Avee Suite 405 K7158 09/25/18 SD DONE
The Bro-Sis Center,   512 W  143rd St K7308 10/04/18 SD in progress
The Crossings at Jefferson Park-Barclays Village-Building 300 Parking - Hanover K7199 09/25/18 AW DONE
The Goddard School, 303 Mount Pleasant Avenue, West Orange, NJ G7134 09/14/18 DF DONE
The Haven, West Haven, Ct H6955 09/04/18 DF DONE
The Latitude Garage - Parsippany K6996 09/13/18 AW DONE
The Moinian Grp., 535 Fifth Ave 29th flr E7059 09/10/18 SD DONE
The New Valley Hospital (Budget) - Paramus [Updated per 8/17/18 Dwgs] B6430 09/20/18 AW DONE
The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at The World Trade Center K7246 10/03/18 DF in progress
The Witherspoon Building-123-51 S Broad Street - Philadelphia C7275 10/04/18 AW in progress
Third Point, 55 Hudson Yards, flrs 49,50 K7271 09/27/18 SD DONE
Three Owls, 95 Horatio St NYC H7325 10/04/18 SD in progress
Thrive Global, 599 Broadway  6th flr K7182 09/17/18 SD DONE
Tiger 21 LLC,  1995 Broadway  17th flr K7157 09/17/18 SD DONE
TJ Maxx proposed store location, 483 Broadway H7113 09/07/18 SD DONE
UBS 2nd Fl Renovation - Weehawkin E7112 09/06/18 AW DONE
Ulta, Parsippany H7094 09/17/18 SD DONE
Union County College-Chemistry Lab G7310 10/15/18 AW in progress
Union Theological Seminary, 3041 Broadway design development  8 31 dwgs F7214 09/25/18 SD in progress
Uniqlo, Paramus Park Mall H7031 09/11/18 SD DONE
United  Airlines tool room CTB arrivals level TAA LGA K7124 09/10/18 SD DONE
Upenn Low Rise Res AC Project G7234 10/10/18 AW in progress
Valley Medical Group - Westwood Medical Office Fit-Out, 2nd floor K7051 09/05/18 DF DONE
Van Leer Garage C7139 09/10/18 SD DONE
Vanbarton, 292 Madison, 2nd flr E7098 09/06/18 SD DONE
Vanbarton, 990 Ave of the Americas, frs 5 thru 24 E7242 09/25/18 SD DONE
Vantage Point Retirement Living, Arcadia @ Limerick Pointe, Montgomery County, PA C5066R1 09/14/18 DF DONE
Verrazano Bridge Service Bldg-Engineers Office D7225 09/25/18 AW DONE
VII 444 Madison Lessee LLC, flr 5,6 E7101 09/12/18 SD DONE
Village Garden, 183 Ave B Brooklyn C7092 09/05/18 SD DONE
Vision Stream, Senior Housing Apartment, 4143 Route 516, Old Bridge, NJ C7223 09/26/18 DF DONE
Vistar, Mt. Olive, NJ E7011 09/05/18 DF DONE
Wayne Police Department Addition D7258 10/03/18 AW DONE
West 66th Street C7108 09/05/18 DF DONE
West Caldwell School Of Technology G7254 10/31/18 AW in progress
WeWork, 130 Fifth Ave, flrs 3,4,5 K7132 09/12/18 SD DONE
William Blair project, 1166 Sixth Ave 20th flr E7099 09/11/18 SD DONE