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updated 10/12/2018

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101 Penn K7392 10/03/18 SD DONE
1229 Third C7307 10/01/18 SD DONE
125 Michael Drive, Syosset NY K7450 10/16/18 SD DONE
1401 Arch Street - Philadelphia C7300 10/01/18 AW DONE
175 Second St Jersey City C7384 10/11/18 SD in progress
20 Spring Street K7380 10/03/18 DF DONE
2050 Grand Concourse, Bronx C7391 10/10/18 DF DONE
21 Clark Street, Brooklyn K7413 10/18/18 DF in progress
235 Grand Jersey City K7433 10/09/18 SD DONE
262 Baltimore Pike K7430 10/09/18 DF DONE
315 Hudson St lobby expansion (Jack Resnick..) E7390 10/08/18 SD DONE
35 Crosby Street, NY, NY C7409 10/15/18 DF in progress
350 Fifth Ave setback heat trace K7367 10/04/18 SD in progress
368 Third Ave 10 2 dwgs C6906 10/10/18 SD DONE
40 Broad St lobby K7467 10/12/18 SD in progress
42-11 9th St LIC schematic design C7371 10/05/18 SD in progress
50 Nevins Street, Brooklyn (85% CD drawings dated 09/21/18 C6267R1 10/10/18 DF DONE
505 W.  168th St C7319 10/02/18 SD DONE
517 W. 29th St  6 18 dwgs C6550R1 10/10/18 SD DONE
554 Eighth Avenue K7398 10/10/18 DF DONE
630 Third Ave K7407 10/04/17 SD DONE
65 Franklin St C7406 10/18/18 SD DONE
701 Seventh Ave (20 Times Square) E7373 10/03/18 SD DONE
787 Seventh snow melting K7337 10/02/18 SD in progress
Actionpak Manufacturing Plant - Camden (Permit) K6683 10/24/18 AW in progress
Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Building for the County College of Morris G7247 10/04/18 DF in progress
Allegro Harrington Park, 200 Old Hook Rd, Harrington Park, NJ C7442 10/18/18 DF in progress
Ann Thomas Apts C7296 10/10/18 SD DONE
ARI Pediatric Physical Therapy-Atlantic Health System-Hospital -  Morristown B7327 10/14/18 AW DONE
Atlanticare Bldg 1200 Ambulatory Surgery Center - Egg Harbor Twsp. B7448 10/29/18 AW in progress
Audi Wilmington H7420 10/08/18 DF DONE
Bank of America, Fulton St & Elm Place advanced center, Brooklyn A7359 10/04/18 SD DONE
Barnegat Townhsip Public Works Bldg D7274 10/02/18 AW DONE
Belleville ES#3 G7253 10/02/18 SD DONE
Belleville High School G7335 10/10/18 AW DONE
Bellevue Hospital Center, Roche Chemistry Lab - 4th floor Building H, 462 First Ave B7425 10/10/18 DF DONE
Bloomberg, 919 Third Ave, phase 3 fitout E7396 10/04/18 SD in progress
BMS B-125 K7454 10/11/18 AW DONE
BNY Mellon-6th Floor - Woodland Park A7418 10/17/18 AW in progress
Bridgehampton Union Free School District G7355 10/13/18 DF DONE
Bridgeton Downtown Office Building D7210 10/30/18 AW in progress
Bright Horizons,3511 Silverside Road Wilmington DE G7316 10/03/18 SD in progress
Brooklyn Community District 3 Garage D6958 10/30/18 AW in progress
Brooklyn Logistics Center Bldg #1,2 E6472R1 10/01/18 SD DONE
Bro-Sis community center, 143rd St K7308 10/02/18 SD DONE
Bro-Sis community center, 143rd St K7308 10/04/18 SD DONE
Café Gabi H6009 05/10/18 DF DONE
Central Dsitrict Reail Phase 1, 1500-1790 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA H5215R1 10/09/18 DF DONE
Char Burger & Creamery, Bridgewater, NJ H7312 10/15/18 DF DONE
Cirkers K7317 10/02/18 SD DONE
Connect One Bank,  209-235 Chestnut Street, Newark A7429 10/12/18 DF DONE
Cooper University Health Care Confernece Center - Camden B7301 10/01/18 AW DONE
COT K7393 10/03/18 AW DONE
Craftsman Farms Admistration Building - Morris Plains K7285 10/04/18 AW DONE
Crane's Mill @ West Caldwell C7356 10/02/18 SD DONE
Cricket Valley K7434 10/10/18 SD in progress
Cumberland County College CHP G7349 10/31/18 AW in progress
D.A. Davidson, 757 Third Avenue, 19th Floor E7352 10/04/18 DF DONE
Dayton Ave School - Passaic G7281 10/05/18 AW DONE
DCH Academy Honda Old Bridge rebid H6314 10/11/18 SD in progress
Dennis Res,  481 Humboldt St  Brooklyn C7350 10/05/18 SD DONE
Dover Veteran Housing, Dover, NJ D7446 10/23/18 SD in progress
Downtown Community TV center,87 Lafayette St D7333 10/01/18 SD DONE
Duffie Boatworks, Ocean City, MD E7451 10/11/18 DF DONE
E-Trade 5th&6th Floors-200 Hudson St - Jersey City E7421 10/12/18 AW DONE
Extend 139 East Houston Street K7330 10/01/18 SD DONE
FAA Bldg 300 HVAC Replacement - Atlantic City D6961 10/01/18 AW DONE
FAA Bldg 316 Substation Replacement - Atlantic City D7445 10/26/18 AW in progress
Family Dollar, Newport Gap, Wilmington DE H7403 10/15/18 SD DONE
FedEx - Woodbridge Hub Expansion & Renovations K7463 10/26/18 AW in progress
Goldwell K7439 10/09/18 SD DONE
Goodman Stadium - Press Box, Lehigh University G7292 10/08/18 DF DONE
Green Street Mixed-Use Facility - Newark K7321 10/25/18 AW in progress
Grenville Baker Boys& Girls Club D7264 10/02/18 SD DONE
Gruss Center For Arts & Design-The Lawrenceville School - Lawrenceville G7322 10/16/18 AW DONE
Guild for Exceptional Childrem 260 68th Street, Brooklyn G7276 10/05/18 DF DONE
Hard Rock Hotel, 159 W. 48th Street C7256 10/03/18 DF DONE
Heartis - Seniors. Living. Assisted Living and Memory Care, 9 Dobry Road, Morrisville, PA C7424 10/16/18 DF in progress
HSBC Bank, 235 Canal St A7455 10/13/18 SD in progress
Humanscale - RGDC Bldg 1, Rockefeller Group, Piscataway K7419 10/09/18 DF DONE
J&J 1000 Building (Budget) K7382 10/09/18 AW DONE
Jefferson Health Infusion Center - Sewel B7299 10/10/18 AW DONE
Kiddie Academy, 560 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick G7311 10/10/18 DF DONE
Kimco Realty, Hylan Plaza, Staten Island E7360 10/12/18 SD DONE
Kiss Products, Inc., Piscataway E7347 10/09/18 DF DONE
Legoland Admistration Bldg - Goshen, NY E7248 10/05/18 AW DONE
Lenape Park East Catering Hall - Hamilton Twsp D7286 10/04/18 AW DONE
Leslie's Pools, Glendale Plaza H7315 10/04/18 SD DONE
LiDL Store # 1176, 15 Haines Street, Lacey, NJ H7379 10/10/18 DF DONE
Lightbridge Academy, 215 Union Street, Hackensack G7427 10/09/18 DF DONE
Longhorne Steakhouse SI Mall H7444 10/12/18 SD DONE
Management Offices, 379 Washington Ave garage K7458 10/16/18 SD in progress
McGuire AFB KC--46A Beddown D7456 10/24/18 AW in progress
Merchantville Community & Senior Center D7167 10/03/18 AW in progress
Miller's Ale House, Rockaway, NJ K7457 10/24/18 DF in progress
Mizuho, 1271 Ave of Americas,  4th, 8th flr 10 10 dwgs K6620 10/11/18 SD DONE
Modani furniture store,772 Rte 17 North, Paramus H7297 10/02/18 SD DONE
Mount Sinai 425  Building, 124 W  60th St B7462 10/16/18 SD in progress
Mount Sinai St, Luke's Hospital lobby, 1101 Amsterdam Ave B7465 10/16/18 SD in progress
MTA Metro North,420 Lexington 6th flr D7326 10/01/18 SD DONE
Nemours NdPED, Media Clinic B7395 10/08/18 DF DONE
NJDOT South HQ's - Cherry Hill D7166 10/16/18 AW DONE
NYCDDC dan theater of Harlem heat trace D7435 10/25/18 SD in progress
NYPS 100th Police Precinct Power Recovery and Upgrade D7130 10/01/18 DF DONE
NYULMC Fink/Hassenfeld Expansion, 135 E. 31st Street B7431 10/09/18 DF DONE
Ocean County Utilities Authority CS1602 FMD Buildings - Bayville J7432 11/01/18 AW in progress
Office for District Attorney and Courts, Queens Borough Hall D7128 10/10/18 DF DONE
Old Navy, American Dream H7402 10/19/18 SD DONE
Oribe, 22 Little West 12th St H7438 10/09/18 SD DONE
Park Chateau Hotel. E. Brunswick C7397 10/15/18 SD DONE
Peak-A-Boo Day Care, Lakewood K7440 10/18/18 DF in progress
Penhaligon's London, 620 Fifth Ave Suite 9 K7468 10/12/18 SD in progress
Penn SOD Studio-3401 Walnut Street - Philadelphia K7416 10/10/18 AW DONE
Pestana Hotel, Newark, NJ C7336 10/11/18 DF in progress
Picatinny Arsenal D7461 10/11/18 AW DONE
Piscataway Township Community & Cultural Arts Center D7411 10/28/18 DF in progress
Planned Parenthood, 844 Nostrand Ave K7358 10/10/18 SD DONE
Pocono Peak Veterinary Center, 2149 W. Main Street, Stroud Township, PA B7386 10/16/18 DF in progress
Politz Day School of Cherry Hill G7186 10/02/18 DF DONE
POTH Brewery Company Lofts - Philadelphia C7414 10/05/18 AW DONE
Pre-K 57th Street, Manhattan G7415 10/05/18 DF DONE
Primark Store - King Of Prussia Mall H7417 10/19/18 AW in progress
Princton First Aid and Rescue Squad D7212 10/22/18 DF in progress
Prudential  GBTS Lab, Newark NJ K7459 10/15/18 SD in progress
PS 74 Staten Island, 211 Daniel Low Terrace G7207 10/05/18 DF DONE
PSEG Port Street substation J7377 10/09/18 SD DONE
QC Terme NY, 111 Andes Road, Building 111, Governors Island, NY (Basement) K6279R1 10/09/18 DF DONE
QC Terme NY, 112 Andes Road, Building 112, Governors Island, NY  K6280r1 10/09/18 DF DONE
Queens DA Office -- 120-55 Queens Blvd D7237 10/10/18 AW DONE
Raven Hall, 2006 Surf Ave Brooklyn G7227 10/02/18 SD DONE
Regeneration 4-1 Imaging Center - Tarrytown, NY 7464 10/26/18 AW in progress
Resintech Manufacturing Plant - Camden (Permit) K6685 10/24/18 AW in progress
Restaurant Renovation, 411 Park Avenue South K7324 10/01/18 DF DONE
Retail "E1" Shops at Riverhead H7294 10/02/18 DF DONE
Riley Rose, GSP, Paamus H7385 10/05/18 SD in progress
River Valley Health & Dental Offices - Williamsport, PA B7401 10/05/18 DF in progress
Rockford Falls, Wilmington DE K7314 10/12/18 SD DONE
Rutgers-School Of Health Professions Alterations G7213 10/16/18 AW DONE
Saks Fifth Ave, 611 Fifth  8th floor ladies shoes H7357 10/02/18 SD DONE
Santander - 9 Path Plaza - Jersey City A7408 10/05/18 AW DONE
SEAGIS AVI SPL-205 Chubb Ave - Lyndhurst E7423 10/11/18 AW DONE
SHI Knox 2 - Piscataway K7422 10/16/18 AW in progress
Shiseido   K7400 10/04/18 SD DONE
Shiseido pilot lab mezzanine alteratrions, E.Windsor K7372 10/12/18 SD DONE
Shop Rite,2600 HylanBlvd SI H7405 10/18/18 SD DONE
South Bronx Hotel, 2568 Park Ave Bronx C7304 10/02/18 SD DONE
St. Catherine's Academy, 2250 Williamsbridge Rd., Bronx G7320 10/09/18 SD DONE
St. Luke's Hospital lobby, 1101 Amsterdam Ave B7465 10/16/18 SD in progress
Stevens Institute Of Technology-Edwin Stevens Hall G7354 10/03/18 AW DONE
Sugarfish Spring Street K7441 10/10/18 DF DONE
Sullivan County Jail D7368 10/02/18 SD DONE
Sunrise of Staten Island, Sunrise Senior Living C7452 10/24/18 DF  
Surfside Park Improvements - Avalon D7192 10/05/18 AW DONE
T.J. Maxx, 250 57th Street H7428 10/10/18 DF DONE
Tenant Improvement,(Soul Cycle), 770 Morris Turnpike, Short Hills,  K7426 10/08/18 DF DONE
The Battery Maritime Building Redevelopment, 10 South Street D7460 10/11/18 DF DONE
The Children's Place, store#4405, American Dream H7437 10/18/18 SD in progress
The Crossings, Retail "D", 925 Hunts Point Avenue, Bronx H7378 10/04/18 DF DONE
The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center K7246 10/03/18 DF DONE
The Witherspoon Building-123-51 S Broad Street - Philadelphia C7275 10/04/18 AW DONE
Union County College-Chemistry Lab G7310 10/15/18 AW DONE
Union Theological Seminary, 3041 B'way 8 31 dev dwgs F7214 10/02/18 SD in progress
Upenn Low Rise Res AC Project G7234 10/10/18 AW DONE
Valencia Gardens, Bldgs A,B,C, Clubhouse, Piscataway C7404 10/25/18 SD in progress
Verizon WO Boiler & 4th Floor AC - West Orange I7383 10/09/18 AW DONE
Wayne Police Department Addition D7258 10/03/18 AW DONE
Wells Fargo Office Refresh Project, Bloomfield  A7410 10/22/18 DF in progress
Westwood Regional Middle School, Additions & Alterations Project G7389 10/24/18 DF in progress
Wilson Elser,125 Broad St NYC E7331 10/01/18 SD DONE
Woodcrest Park at Oceanside, Oceanside, NY C7348 10/05/18 DF DONE
Wytech Rahway K7436 10/12/18 SD in progress