November Quotes

updated 11/09/2018

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1450 Garden Street K7719 11/08/18 AW DONE
15 West 96th Street C7656 11/14/18 DF in progress
196 Orchard K7695 11/06/18 SD DONE
22 Chapel St Brooklyn C7684 11/09/18 SD DONE
220 Fifth 18th flr K7679 11/02/18 SD DONE
241 Main St Hackensack C7715 11/18/18 SD in progress
3 East Postpartum Unit B7647 11/08/18 SD in progress
3750 State Road, Bensalem, PA K7677 11/20/18 DF DONE
42 QPT Bldg A C7706 11/17/18 SD in progress
42 QPT Bldg B C7707 11/17/18 SD in progress
495 W 129th St cellar, first K7563 11/02/18 SD DONE
555 W 22nd St C7626 11/06/18 SD in progress
560 Waterfront Drive New Multifamily Building, Allentown, PA C7639B 11/06/18 DF DONE
75-81 Jordan Avenue, Jersey City - New Mid-Rise Residential Structure C7687 11/09/18 DF DONE
AC Convention Center Rail Terminal D7494 11/08/18 AW in progress
Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Building, County College of Morris G7247 11/02/18 DF DONE
Aion Partners 11 East 44th Street, 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 8th Floors E7718 11/19/18 DF in progress
Alchemy 43, 40 East 21st Street,  H7703 11/14/18 DF in progress
Allentown Waterfront, Parking Structure & New Multifamilty Building C7639 11/06/18 DF in progress
Amtrak, Washington Union Terminal, Electrical Workshop and Police Station, Washington DC D7699 11/07/18 DF DONE
Atrium Senior Living of Livingston, Moorestown, NJ C6162R1 11/08/18 DF DONE
B4 Pacific Park, 18 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn C7688 11/26/18 DF in progress
Banana Republic - American Dream H7617 11/20/18 SD DONE
Bergenline 3100, LLC, Union City, NJ H7693 11/18/18 DF in progress
Bolero Snort Brewery, Carlstadt, NJ K7665 11/12/18 DF  in progress
Bridgeton Downtown Office Building D7210 10/30/18 AW DONE
Brooklyn Community District 3 Garage D6958 11/09/18 AW in progress
Burlington, Princeton, NJ H7640 11/15/18 DF in progress
C Schwab 300 Park sn107305-01 K7657 11/02/18 SD for PJ
CA Senior Living at the Village of Valley Forge, Upper Merion Township, PA C7624 11/16/18 DF in progress
Carolina Herrera  954 Madison Ave K7625 11/05/18 SD DONE
Central Jersey Comprehensive Treatment Center, Cliffwood, NJ B7608 11/01/18 DF DONE
Cherry Hill Library Chiller Replacement D7705 11/19/18 AW in progress
Chester Springs Assisted Living Facility C7634 11/14/18 DF in progress
Church & Division Street Renovation C7698 11/07/18 DF in progress
Clementon Elem School G7675 11/21/18 AW in progress
Covenant House F7710 11/15/18 SD in progress
Cumberland County College CHP G7349 11/01/18 AW DONE
Delran H.S. STEM Lab & Woodshop G7513 11/01/18 AW in progress
Drexel University-Calhoun Hall - Philadelphia G7678 11/23/18 AW in progress
ESRT, 1400 B'way, 22nd flr E7683 11/13/18 SD DONE
Essex Market H&V Unit K7681 11/05/18 SD for  A&B
Fair Lawn Senior Housing C6768R1 11/02/18 DF DONE
Fedex Whse/Dist, Aerospace Blvd, Bethpage NY K7671 11/15/18 SD in progress
Francis House-4460 Fairmount Ave - Philadelphia C7673 11/09/18 AW in progress
Funplex, East Hanover K7686 11/06/18 DF DONE
GAIA, 200 Plaza Drive, Secaucus - Communal Spaces Upgrade K7666 11/14/18 DF in progress
GALA: Golden Age Living Accomaodation-2030 East Haines St - Philadelphia, PA C6805 11/02/18 AW DONE
Good Shepherd Hospital, Orwigsburg Outpatient Facility B7603 11/06/18 DF DONE
Google Pier 57 project K7697 11/12/18 SD in progress
Green Street Mixed-Use Facility - Newark K7321 11/20/18 AW in progress
Grunhub NYC H7637 11/06/18 SD DONE
HACE Casa Indiana-2935-65 N 2nd St - Philadelphia C7672 11/13/18 AW in progress
Harvest House Restaurant, Wilmington. DE K7668 11/05/18 DF DONE
Hines, 75 Varick, flrs 16,17 K7674 11/06/18 SD in progress
HSBC, 107-19 Contienental Avenue, Forest Hills,NY A7589 11/01/18 DF DONE
Hunter Restaurant,1053 Oyster Bay Road, East Norwich NY H7670 11/05/18 SD DONE
Iavarone Café, New Hyde Park, NY H7716 11/14/18 DF in progress
innovAge Pennsylavania LIFE-Pennypack - Philadelphia B7690 12/02/18 AW in progress
J & J HQ's Condenser Water System Modifications - New Brunswick K7564 11/02/18 AW DONE
Jersey City Medical Center-3 East Post Partum Unit B7527 11/08/18 AW in progress
John Hancock Elevator Lobby, 10 Exchange Place  E7685 11/06/18 DF DONE
JP Morgan Chase NOC V Condenser Water Pump Replacement - K7691 11/07/18 AW in progress
JSMC Cardiac Surgery B4079 rev 11/08/18 AW DONE
Kearny Point  Builiding 78 Annex for Hugo Neu K7611 11/01/18 DF DONE
Kearny Point  Builiding 78 Annex for Hugo Neu H7602 11/02/18 DF in progress
Lancaster General Hospital B7692 11/06/18 DF DONE
Lincoln Medical Center - Bronx, NY B7518 11/08/18 AW in progress
Manhattan Park E7567 11/02/18 SD DONE
Manor House WBC, Seaford, DE C7717 11/08/18 DF DONE
Marble Collegiate Ofc Bldg E7635 11/09/18 SD DONE
MMP White Plains K7039 11/06/18 SD DONE
Molloy College G6070 11/07/18 SD DONE
Mount Sinai St Lukes Hospital,1091 Amsterdam cat lab#1 3rd flr B7566 11/05/18 SD DONE
Moynihan Station Phase III, 633 Third Avenue K6711R1 11/15/18 DF in progress
Mulberry, Rockefeller Center, 620 Fifth Ave sales area K7709 11/14/18 SD in progress
NASDAQ K7712 11/08/18 SD DONE
New Parking Dist 3 at the Essex County South Mountain Recreational Complex D7623 11/06/15 DF DONE
Newark Liberty International Airport CHRP North Electrical Substation and Chiller Upgrades  D7622 11/05/18 AW DONE
NJIT Maker Space Addition G7700 11/07/18 AW DONE
Northstar Vets Satellite Hospital B7711 11/15/18 SD in progress
NY Pres Hospital, M-112 Suite ren, 525 E 68th St B7680 11/13/18 SD in progress
Ocean County College-Health & Phys Ed Center - Toms River G7659 11/06/18 AW DONE
Ocean County Utilities Authority CS1602 FMD Buildings - Bayville J7432 11/01/18 AW in progress
OCP USPS, relocation D7630 11/05/18 SD DONE
People's United Bank, 430 Seventh Ave A7724 11/12/18 SD in progress
Piscataway Township Community and Cultural Arts Center D7411 11/05/18 DF DONE
Poplar Street C7701 11/07/18 SD DONE
Primark - American Dream - East Rutherford H6559 11/05/18 AW DONE
PS 079, Queens - 147-27 15th Drive  D017791 G7586 11/02/18 DF DONE
PS 79Q - Francis Lewis, 147-27 15th Drive  D017155 G7585 11/02/18 DF DONE
PUMA, 609 Fifth Ave H7613 11/02/18 SD DONE
Redemption ,102 Wooster St K7664 11/07/18 SD DONE
Republic Bank, 51st street amd Third Ave Store A7723 11/15/18 DF in progress
Residential Development, 5711 Kennedy Blvd, North Bergen C7676 11/20/18 DF in progress
Retail Redevelopment, Hainesport Township, Turnersville, NJ  H7721 11/09/18 DF DONE
RXR-LIU residential bldg Hvac 100% dwgs G4656R2 11/20/18 SD in progress
Santander, 189 Mpmtague Street, Brooklyn A7557 11/05/18 DF DONE
Santander, CC#2165 - Upper East Side, 226 East 86th Street A7558 11/07/18 DF DONE
School St  10 School St  Yonkers rebid  10/19 dwgs C6188 11/20/18 SD DONE
Shawnee H.S. Chiller Replacement G7722 12/11/18 AW in progress
SL Green Realty, 461 Fifth Avem 21st flr K7714 11/08/18 SD DONE
SL Green Realty, 521 Fifth Ave 25th flr E7654 01/06/18 SD DONE
Solomon Page Group, 260 Madison, 3rd flr K7720 11/14/18 SD in progress
Solvay Specialty Polymers (Elec) K7696E 11/07/18 AW DONE
Solvay Specialty Polymers (HVAC) K7696 11/07/18 SD DONE
Spaces, Chrysler Bldg K7588 11/05/18 SD DONE
Sprouts Farmers Market (945), Marlton, NJ H7628 11/12/18 DF in progress
St. Barnabas Medical Center-East Lobby & Canopy - Livingston B7043 11/05/18 AW DONE
Staten Island University  ER B7636 11/06/18 SD in progress
Swaminarayan Community Center,Telford Pa F7523 11/06/18 SD DONE
The Bank of Princeton, Ellsworth Center, Building N-4, Princeton Junction A7593 11/05/18 DF DONE
The Wellness Center at Straight & Narrow, Inc, Paterson, NJ B7638 11/08/18 DF DONE
Trumpf Phase 1 Manufacturing Expansion, 2540 Route 130 South, Cranbury, NJ E7599 11/04/18 DF DONE
Ulta, Kennett Square H7713 11/15/18 SD DONE
University Center-Mercer Co. Community College - Windsor Twsp. G7531 11/08/18 AW in progress
VCNY Warehouse, 1881 Route 46, Ledgewood, NJ E7669 11/12/18 DF in progress
Victory One, 11 West 118th Street C7704 11/13/18 DF in progress
Virtua - Voorhees Hand Surgery B7694 11/19/18 DF in progress
Waterfront Parking Garage, Allentown, PA C7639A 11/06/18 DF DONE
Westlake High School Upgrades, Mt. Pleasant Central School District G7506 11/06/18 DF DONE
Whole Foods H7606 11/01/18 SD DONE
Woodbridge Training Center, Avenel D7663 11/16/18 SD in progress
YK Group, Proposed 4-Story Building, 19-33 Murray Street, Newark, NJ C7667 11/12/18 DF in progress